11 May 2005

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Company Profile: Cyber Pass Ltd

When and how was the company first set up? What were the founding concepts behind the company?
Cyber Pass Ltd was incorporated in the beginning of the year 2001 with the following mission:
a. To exploit opportunities arising from the ICT industry.
b. To act as a back end maintenance company for offshore ICT operations.
c. To entice overseas companies to set up back office operations in Malta.

In what areas does the company operate and what would you say are the main factors leading to the success the company has achieved?
The company operates mainly in the PC/Networking area but is also very active in the PDA and mobile communications segment. Recently, the company also successfully installed an automated Wi Fi Hot Spot system at Manoel Island Marina.

How would you describe the company’s evolution since its inception in terms of staff levels, turnover and product development?
Staffing only actively started at the beginning of 2004 which was the real first full year of operation.

How has the economic sector the company operates in developed over the years and how has it adjusted to the fluctuating market and consumer demand?
It is difficult to comment on this factor in view of the fact that there is only one full year of operating history, however, Cyber Pass has already benefited from at least two clients whose businesses increased thanks to Malta becoming a full member of the E.U.

What would you say are the main factors, positive or negative, affecting the company’s economic sector at the moment? How would you suggest these be addressed?
Companies are always looking at expanding their IT capabilities; however it is only the ones with a firm degree of foresight that go forward with their investment. It as it is no secret that the Island is tight on cash in circulation. Malta needs to go forth and try and attract more business to its shores in all sectors; only that way will the economy improve. Government should help, but businesses have to stop waiting for help and do more to increase their reach outside of territorial waters.

Where do you see the company heading in the future? What plans, challenges or opportunities do you envisage for the company?
We have an agreement to import IBM computers and we will be expanding this sector, furthermore we see potential growth in the communications sector and essentially in the PDA market. Our challenge is to sell more iMate models this year. We also have another project which we are working on but which will be revealed sometime in March.

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