18 May 2005

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BusinessObjects XI

BusinessObjects XI is the first and only business intelligence (BI) platform that delivers a complete set of market leading BI capabilities: best in class reporting, query and analysis, performance management, and data integration. This groundbreaking platform will drive much wider adoption of BI in organizations, and will allow them to standardize on a single advanced platform for all of their BI needs.

Extreme Insight
Most employees today, from financial analysts to business managers, work in Microsoft Office every day and store critical business data in Office applications. BusinessObjects XI brings BI directly to these users by embedding business intelligence directly in the Office applications, and it allows Office documents to be secured and managed in the BI platform. For example, a business user can read a BusinessObjects XI report directly within a PowerPoint document. If they want to drill down into the data, or refresh the report, they can perform this analysis directly within PowerPoint. With most point products from other BI vendors, the user must export the report back into the BI environment, perform their analysis, and then import it back into PowerPoint.
BusinessObjects XI uniquely allows users to engage in collaborative analysis and decision making directly within dashboards, scorecards, and reports. For example, if a sales manager looks at a dashboard and notices that sales in a particular region have decreased, he can initiate a secure discussion within the BI environment and work with other sales managers to understand the business problem more fully.
The BusinessObjects XI platform is built on a modern, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and builds on the only BI platform that is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter certified for reliability. Because the platform is based on SOA standards, organizations can adapt their BI deployments as business strategy and heterogeneous computing environments evolve. Traditionally, applications have hardwired interconnectivity to perform specific business tasks. But with SOA, Business Objects XI allows applications to communicate openly and without limits on what business functions they can handle.
Makeezi, official distributor of Business Objects in Malta, will launch the BusinessObjects XI tomorrow.

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