22 June 2005

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Trade Unions meet Chamber of Commerce

The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise invited the senior-most representatives of the General Workers Union, Union Haddiema Maghqudin and the Confederation of Maltese Trade Unions to an informal lunch at the Exchange.
The event was held on the initiative of the Chamber President, Louis Apap-Bologna, who acknowledged the key role of trade unions in the furtherance of Malta’s prosperity and the merits of open dialogue with all social partners.
The event served for free and frank discussion on the current issues affecting all sides, not least national competitiveness and the country’s economic prospects. Malta’s competitive position is influenced by local and international factors which have long been identified. Malta can never expect to control internationally-generated factors but it must do all it can to rectify those problems which are created internally and which are seriously hampering our economic success.
Apap-Bologna expressed the Chamber’s disappointment over the failure to reach an agreement on a Social Pact last January.
The Chamber perceived and continues to consider this pact as a key component for the current stage of Malta’s economic development as it would serve as guidance for a series of economic reforms which are still to be implemented.
The Chamber President stated “the social pact would have addressed these issues and acted as the basis of a plan to bring Malta on a sound social and financial base. All players should work in unison and agree on the implementation of measures designed to achieve the country’s challenges and others aimed at enhancing national competitiveness. The co-operation of all players will hopefully lead to successfully overcoming Malta’s challenges and achieving the economic prosperity that our people deserve.”

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