22 June 2005

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A festival for the senses

The Buga 05 festival titled “Change of Perspectives” promises bountiful surprises.
Hundreds of thousands of plants and flowers – subtropical and domestic beauties alike – will blossom in fantastic colours and shapes. The festival will be on all through 9 October. Millions of visitors will celebrate the National Garden Festival, which is commonly referred to by its German acronym BUGA.
The BUGA 05 will pack three gardening seasons into five months of colourful, blooming splendor. For 165 days, the BUGA 05 will offer a continuous supply of new experiences to stressed-out urbanites, passionate gardeners, flower enthusiasts, and young discovers of nature. The theme of the BUGA 05 is “Perspektivenwechsel” – A Change of Perspectives. Like all of Germany’s National Garden Festivals, BUGA 05 intends to be an experience that will touch emotions and provide many surprises. But the BUGA 05 also wants to do even more. It will showcase beautiful plants in spectacular displays of colour, present outstanding gardening art, and, most importantly, impart knowledge in an exciting, entertaining way. It will offer new perspectives and new insight that will stay with visitors for a long time to come.
Never before has there been a collaboration between horticultural arts and urban development of the same magnitude or form as in the Messestadt-Riem project underway east of Munich. The BUGA 05 will be a visitor in a 200-hectare landscape park where BUGA 05 visitors will be able to lie on a carpet of wildflowers, gaze into the blue and white Bavarian sky, and enjoy nature at its finest. Or marvel at the angular design of the landscape park. The most refreshing attraction is also the biggest, a 14-hectare lake will invite visitors to dive in and take a swim throughout BUGA 05 and, of course, long afterward.
The Leaf Garden, Cell Garden, Parallel Gardens, and Sunken Garden are venues for a diverse range of horticultural displays. And they offer much more than a feast for the eyes. The Houses of Knowledge in the Cell Garden substantiate the BUGA 05’s claim to “edutainment.” But despite all the activities and events, the flower displays are still a major focus of the BUGA 05, where 25 rotating hall exhibits will complement the lush fields of blossoms outdoors. A walk on the two sledding hills or a ride on the aerial cable car can provide a completely different perspective of the BUGA 05.
Thanks to the BUGA, residents of Munich will have an opportunity to look at their city from a completely new perspective, from “outside.” A 170-kilometer bike ring encircles the Bavarian capital, connecting countless sights of Bavaria’s fairy-tale landscape – castles, parks, streams, canals, and much more – like pearls on a necklace. BUGA in the Region is supported by 30 communities, 8 cities, and five regional associations.
The BUGA 05 in Munich started on 28 April and will continue until 9 October.
Ticket prices: Day passes are 14 euros for adults, 3 euros for children, and reduced admission is 12 euros. Season passes are 65 euros for adults, 20 euros for children.

For more information, please visit www.buga05.de.
For tickets, please call: +49 (0) 1805-04 2005

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