06 July 2005

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With every passing day, revolutionary leaps in microtechnology have ensured that all products are further more superior, more powerful, more varied then ever. These portable computers can be carried practically everywhere, and practically manage to cover all the functions that can be handled by a normal PC.
ASUS is one of the leading edge companies within the IT sphere, specializing in a variety of markets within the IT sector. Prominent amongst their marketing portfolio is their varied range of powerful Notebooks capable of dealing with a large range of scenarios, lifestyles and scopes– students, workers, executives and administrators up to corporate managers and directors. And in each of these scenarios, it has showed that having a Laptop has always managed to make filing and centralizing your files.
Better than that, ASUS laptops come equipped with a full two year warranty, and in some of the higher spec laptops, which carry the MATRIX system of TFT displays, there is a total replacement of the Screen if even one dot (which plague TFT screens) appear.
Why bother having to go through all the hassle of saving your documents etc on floppies or CDs and then having to take them and transfer them to your PC at home? With a laptop you just close the notebook and carry it home with you and you continue working there at once. You can even work while you’re on the way home if you must.
The ASUS A67NE is one of the latest in this enormous range of Laptops. Combining sleek design with superb technology, this laptop a wide variety of reasons. First and foremost is that this Laptop comes with the Mobile Centrino CPU. This CPU is a highly advanced Processor designed by Intel exclusively for Laptops, which means that the Laptop will operate even better, resulting in faster speeds and improved laptop battery economy, amongst other reasons. Add this with a 512 DDR RAM and you have even more fine tuning of this superb system.
For example, there is no need to carry an external webcam with you anymore. The A6000Ne Series, comes together with a whole system of built-in components. These include built-in camera and microphone, providing a convenient tool for audio/video communications. Video-conferencing and image recording are now even more easier than ever. This latest notebook also offers wireless connection right out of the box, linking you to the cyber world without the knots and knots of wires.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact Electronic Solutions Co Ltd on Tel No. 21462836 and Fax No. 21462837. Also, you can see available models on www.esmalta.com. Other models are available on request.

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