09 November 2005

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Maintenance-free email archiving solution

GFI announced GFI MailArchiver 3.0, the latest upgrade to its email archiving product, GFI MailArchiver for Exchange. The new upgrade boasts time-saving features for both administrators and end-users alike. Organisations can automatically archive all their emails to a central location, removing the need for administrators to backup PST files on user machines around the network. The upgrade also allows end-users to browse through their emails through a web-based interface and easily restore emails back into their mailbox through a OneClick Restore function, thereby significantly reducing the number of requests sent to the organization’s helpdesk to retrieve old and deleted mails.
Organisations can now reduce the number of costly, specialized support staff required to manage archived emails, thereby significantly reducing operating costs. By automatically configuring new databases to store old emails, organizations can eliminate large, unstable databases that require frequent maintenance. Furthermore, administrators can conduct simultaneous searches for archived emails in multiple databases, thereby allowing them to find archived emails more quickly.
"PST files are a recurring problem for administrators when it comes to backup as they represent small islands of information spread across the entire network, each of which needs to be backed up separately," explained David Vella, Product Manager for GFI MailArchiver. "With GFI MailArchiver you can eliminate PST file dependency and centralize backups into one location on MS SQL Server, yet allowing all archived emails to be fully accessible by the users."

One click restore
GFI MailArchiver 3.0 is more user-friendly as it is now possible for the administrator and users to restore any archived email, even deleted email, by a simple one-click process through the OneClick Restore facility. This feature allows the email to be restored as it was at the time of deletion, and is re-sent to the user as an attachment in an email.
End-users are now able to access all their archived emails using a web browser, rather then only having access to emails stored on an Exchange Server.
GFI MailArchiver 3.0 features Active Directory Group Based Security – Access Control, allowing end users such as department heads to retrieve all emails of people in their department. This feature allows minimal intervention from the IT Department, whilst providing pre-specified end-users with more autonomy.
In addition to helping organizations to manage their operational costs more effectively, GFI MailArchiver is also a valuable tool that helps meet compliance for a number of legislations including Sarbanes-Oxley Act, E-Comm Act 2000, BS7799-2:2002 and The Enterprise Act 2002.

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