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Fix Skin issues in a snap

Get Skin Savvy with Dermalogica
We’re ready to target your most pressing skin issues in just 20 minutes with Dermalogica’s new MicroZone treatments…

What are MicroZone Treatments and what happens during a treatment?
MicroZone Treatments are the 20 minute fix that gets your skin repaired and gets you out of the door in less time you take for a lunch break!
Our Skin Therapists will start the treatment by performing a 5 Minutes Face Mapping Skin Analysis (analysis of the 14 zones of the facial landscape through sight and touch) to provide a customized regimen for your skin’s needs …
• No change of clothes (you can just relax on a couch or sitting down – according to the treatment performed)

• Perfect for all you women, men, teens and “tweens” who are just learning about proper care for their skin

• Great for all of you who are short on time, but value professional advice…
MicroZone treatments are the 20 minute treatment fix to your lips/ eyes / acne areas and any other skin problems. The following are a few treatments from the menu:

Men’s skin fitness microZone
Helps skin recover from breakouts, irritation, blackheads and ingrown hairs for a smoother, sharper look and healthier skin.
Flash exfoliation microZone
Helps reverse the signs of aging while restoring the skin to optimal health.
Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins.

Rapid spot clearing microZone
Spot be gone!
Ideal for the all you guys who want that breakout to dry up fast and know better than to squeeze and cause more damage to your skin.
Helps target and expedite zone-specific breakout clearing with extensive cleansing and ingredients to clear sebum and impactions. Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions
Know your ZONES and understand how, where and when you should use your skin care products. Come for your MicroZone Treatment today, and fix skin issues in a snap!
Look out for Skin Bar during freshers week at the foyer, where you will have the opportunity to experience a free face mapping which is a detailed skin analysis which will determine your kin type and condition, followed by Skin Bar, where you will get to try the recommended products on skin, there and then.
It is great fun and your skin will definitely feel the difference!
For more information on Dermalogica Skin bar and MicroZone treatments contact Biocare Company Ltd on 800 74 100 or email on


17 September 2008

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