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Needles are not always necessary to fill your wrinkles

Mark Causon

One cannot but feel self-conscious when the first signs of ageing start to appear. In today’s world, where aesthetic beauty is given prime importance, both women and men spend a lot to appear more youthful. Surgery is chosen by many people, but many people fail to understand that prevention is better than cure. Medical face lifts using non invasive aesthetic machinery and non invasive cosmetic ampoules prevent the need of surgery.
Alta Care Laboratoires, Paris offer many exclusive treatments at their beauty salons. One of the treatments readily available, which in fact is becoming very popular, is the ‘Filler’ Facial Program. The ‘Filler’ Facial Program is an anti-ageing treatment which uses 100% pure collagen concentrate preserved in glass cosmetic ampoules by Dermastir.
Collagen is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found throughout the body - in skin, muscle, tendon, and bone. Fibers of collagen are woven together like threads in fabric to form a framework into which new cells can grow. In the skin, collagen provides texture, resiliency, and shape. Human beings are constantly producing collagen, but as we age, our collagen breaks down faster than it can be replaced.
Collagen application using high frequency, galvanic currents and ultra sounds is quickly becoming known as the best natural, painless approach to reducing wrinkles and sagging skin.
From the very first application of Dermastir collagen cosmetic ampoules, this anti-aging ingredient will work to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, and lift your sagging skin to give you the face-lift you’ve always wanted!
Alta Care Laboratoires’ aesthetic treatments are exclusive because Alta Care’s products compliment Alta Care’s aesthetic machinery.
For this ‘Filler’ Facial Program, one’s skin is treated with the luxurious Dermastir Collagen Care Ampoules which are complimented by the Dermastir high frequency, Dermastir Hydrotoner and Dermastir oxycleanser.
Alta Care Laboratoires’ experienced beauty therapists do free consultations on each and every client, to determine what type of machinery should be used in combination with the Dermastir Collagen Ampoules for the best possible results.
Dermastir is made in France and is available in all pharmacies. For more information please call on 21312151, send us an email on or visit our website



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01 October 2008

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