Paul Cocks is Editor of BusinessToday and Deputy Editor of MaltaToday and. He joined MaltaToday after having spent years working in newspapers with The Times, and later The People, as well as in the print industry.

The rising cost of food in Europe
Food prices in Europe continue to remain high and will decline only later this...
db Group founder transfers shares to his children as court greenlights Pembroke project
db Group chairman Silvio Debono and his wife Veronica each transfer €1.4...
Farsons Group reports pre-tax profit of €15.3m
Simonds Farsons Cisk plc announced a pre-tax profit of €15.3 million, up...
Luxury cars, hotel stays and private schools: how the people behind VGH spent their cash
People involved in Vitals Global Healthcare, which was entrusted with the...
Valletta Luxury Properties presents highest bid for Evans Buildings with €78 million offer
Valletta Luxury Properties offers €78 million for Evans Building, making...
Lombard's statement on 2022 finances spins positive results, hides investment losses
Banking & Finance
Lombard Bank p.l.c. public announcement fails to highlight more than €25...
Malta airlifting 180 million 1,000 peso banknotes to Argentina ahead of election
Malta will be airlifting 180 million banknotes of 1,000 peso denomination to...
HSBC Malta with worst interest rates on fixed deposit accounts, Izola Bank gives highest returns
Banking & Finance
Maltese clients seeking to open a fixed term deposit account in Euro are well...
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