MeDirect Bank launches new user-friendly online banking platform

MeDirect Bank launched a new innovative online banking portal to provide its clients with a modern internet banking experience and intelligent online self-service tools


MeDirect Bank launched a new innovative online banking portal to provide its clients with a modern internet banking experience and intelligent online self-service tools.

The new desktop version, which is also viewable from portable devices and smartphones, is an upgrade of the previous one and is an important milestone in the digital transformation strategy that MeDirect has started a year ago. The fresh new design makes it easier to navigate and discover new features.

Arnaud Denis, CEO of MeDirect said: “Providing our clients with the best-in-class online banking, with all services and products, in one easy-to-use platform and with information that is timely and professionally displayed, is key for MeDirect to continue growing and become the leader in digital banking.”

The log on details that clients use to access the online banking portal will not change, but the design of the page has been updated. The Bank remains committed to continue using the latest security measures to protect clients’ money and personal information.

The homepage and menu structure were refreshed with additional widgets showing overall balances in accounts and value of investments. The new platform gives clients the facility to drill down to see the transaction history, account details and other account information that clients might need.

The search functionality has been enhanced to allow clients to search their transaction history, not only by date ranges, but also by using specific words which may be available in the description of the transactions.

The platform has also introduced improvements in the opening of additional accounts, including notice, term deposit and trading accounts. This is especially true in the case of joint account applications that can be opened with a few steps. The upgrade will allow clients to create an account with a friendly name and to immediately fund that account.

“We are absolutely delighted to launch our new online banking platform to our clients. We have listened extensively to feedback from our clients on what they look for when using their online banking and have designed this platform with them and their needs in mind,” Pawel Malukiewicz, MeDirect’s Group Head of Channels and Customer Experience said.

“As a bank, we want to give all our clients unparalleled levels of service and convenience and we are confident that the new platform will make our clients’ online banking experience better than ever.”

MeDirect’s eBanking platform makes use of 2-factor authentication for added security and peace of mind.

“It is evident that our clients want to do more of their banking via digital channels, and thus as a digital bank we need to continue to make banking as simple and secure as possible,” said Chris Portelli, MeDirect’s Group Head of Technology.

Clients also have the opportunity to use MeDirect’s mobile phone application, which is available from the App Store and Play Store. The bank continues to work on the further development of its digital channels to offer its clients more innovation.

The new online banking platform is part of MeDirect Bank’s ongoing investment in its infrastructure and part of an overall evolution of the bank’s electronic channels.

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