The 'APS Green Finance' is launched

APS Bank has added the ‘APS Green Finance’ facility to its portfolio of loan products


APS Bank has added the ‘APS Green Finance’ facility to its portfolio of loan products.

It follows the agreement signed last December 2020 with the European Investment Fund (EIF) marking its participation in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy investment scheme. Under this scheme, the Bank had announced that it would be offering new products allowing customers, both retail and commercial, to invest in technology or devices to manage and reduce their carbon footprint.

The ‘APS Green Finance’ contains features such as longer loan repayment terms, subsidised interest rates, discounted fees, reduced collateral requirements and advisory services provided by European Investment Bank members.

The loan will cover installations such as PV panels, green roof gardens, solar water collectors, space heating, efficient lighting systems and hot water or cooling generation amongst others.

Liana DeBattista, Head of Strategy and Proposition at APS Bank commented that, “In a world dominated by a pandemic that has increased vulnerability to hundreds of millions, the need to understand what is happening to our planet has never been greater. This is our opportunity to help make a difference by encouraging and facilitating further investment in projects that help create a more sustainable world.”

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