PA proposes new category for development notification order

The Planning Authority is proposing that a new category is added to the Development Notification Order


The Planning Authority is proposing that a new category is added to the Development Notification Order. The new class, referred to as Class 24, will be used for development related urban greening projects by Government agencies, Local Councils and other appointed entities.

This proposed class will cover works related to the formation of greening projects within the development zones indicated in the respective Local Plans, the installation of playing equipment within greening projects and excavation of underground reservoirs intended for the irrigation of the proposed vegetation and other related uses to the greening project.

Works may also cover the installation of flooring systems and vertical greening structures, including against public buildings or government-owned residential blocks, but excluding buildings which are scheduled or located within scheduled areas.

The Development Notification Order, which is currently categorised into 23 classes of permitted development, covers those development types which are considered not to have an impact both on the site context and neighbouring residences.

Applicants will require prior approval from the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage (SCH) for sites within Urban Conservation Area, Scheduled sites and sites within scheduled building settings. Greening projects falling within schemed roads will require prior approval from Transport Malta, while prior approval needs to be obtained from the Environment and Resources Authority for the uprooting, transplanting, and planting of trees.

The full proposed amendments may be viewed from the Authority’s website:

The Authority invites the public and interested stakeholders to submit their representation through email address [email protected] Submissions must reach the Authority by Thursday 11th March 2021.

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