The time for start-ups is now

Managing Director of Corporate Identities Jesmond Saliba discusses start-ups 


A recently published article in the Financial Times reports how the coronavirus pandemic has triggered a surge in the number of businesses being set up in many of the world’s largest economies.

The article states that the US, UK, France, Germany, and Japan have all logged substantial increases in new company registrations in recent months, despite the severe blow Covid-19 has dealt to global economic activity.


“The reasons could be many,” says Jesmond Saliba, Managing Director of Corporate Identities. “It could be entrepreneurs responding to customers’ rapidly changing needs, addressing newly created needs or simply individuals finally taking the leap into launching their own ventures. But whatever the reason, the time is also ideal even here in Malta.”

Jesmond Saliba, Managing Director, Corporate Identities
Jesmond Saliba, Managing Director, Corporate Identities

Jesmond Saliba’s company, today recognised as one of Malta’s emerging communications advisory firms, has just signed an MoU with Microsoft effectively kicking off a collaborative project through which CI will be managing the ‘Microsoft for Startups’ global programme in Malta.

“An MoU sounds formal, but the collaboration is a very down to earth agreement based on a shared understanding that start-ups are the future and that together with Microsoft, we will be engaging with other stakeholders in the local start-up scene not only to facilitate access to Microsoft’s technical and management resources but to hopefully create new synergies,” explains Jesmond.

Microsoft for Startups is a global program dedicated to helping B2B start-ups successfully scale their companies through the take up of Microsoft’s Cloud Services. Here in Malta, the programme will be operating from the Microsoft Centre at Skyparks today a recognised ‘landmark’ for innovative technology activities and an incubator for qualifying start-ups.

Corporate Identities’ main role in this new collaboration will be the creation of collaborations with local start-up communities, innovation hubs, incubators and other entities that assist start-ups to help them adopt ‘Microsoft for Startups’ as an accelerator to their goals.

“At Corporate Identities, it has always been about synergies. We happen to handle a vast portfolio of prestigious names and brands in Malta and this has given us an enviable position to not only dream of the synergies we want to create but to actually create them,” he adds.

“Corporate Identities’ relationship with Microsoft in Malta goes back to 2008 when Microsoft engaged us to handle all its media and public relations requirements. Since then, our professional relationship kept growing stronger. We were there when Microsoft established its tangible presence in Malta;  we believed in its role in advancing Malta’s information society and economy, and we are proud to have also contributed to Microsoft business growth in Malta and its continued presence.  .”

“So, this is why today we are honoured with this new opportunity to be part of another important milestone in Microsoft’s commitment towards Malta and its start-up scene. Personally, I am looking at this development as an achievement that cements the trust that this global brand has in us and in the services we offer,” adds Jesmond.

One of the outcomes of this MoU will be a ‘Microsoft for Startups’ committee which will have the participation of key stakeholders and partners who will manage a strategy for the uptake of Microsoft for Startups in the country and to drive a strategy that positions Microsoft for Startups as a key enabler for the local start-up ecosystem.

“Microsoft has always been a partner-led company that thrives on the synergies created together with its partners who share its same vision through their passion and commitment. We are passionate about start-ups and we relate both to the challenges they have to face as well as to their aspirations that drive them. We have been there too, and we know too well how important it is to have people and organisations supporting you with their expertise, their acquired knowledge but most importantly by believing in you. This is what we are willing to do with those start-ups who choose to approach us and can qualify for the programme. We are very confident that this ‘Microsoft for Startups’ collaboration will be a success.”

Microsoft’s Startup programme focuses on two crucial pillars namely: that of helping start-ups accelerate their growth by connecting them with partners and customers, and to give them access to the Company technology to build the platforms they want to build.

“The concept is simple. Microsoft helps start-ups innovate rapidly through its technology in a way that enables them to grow their company to go to market whilst ensuring that they remain committed to delivering sustainable and accessible solutions to all their customers.”

“In return, start-ups get to be part of an ecosystem of Microsoft-chosen start-ups from across 140 countries with the potential of tapping into the one in five top tier corporates in which Microsoft has a foothold.”

“The start-up ecosystem here in Malta is a very healthy one. As Maltese, we happen to be very entrepreneurial in nature, we love challenging ourselves and we are also very resourceful. But this ecosystem is also healthy thanks to the amazing work being done by the various public and private-sector hubs and incubators that we have in Malta whose mission is that of assisting these start-ups succeed.  I also acknowledge the assistance available through grants, loans, guarantees and tax credits, offered by Government and its various agencies.”

“Our aim is to facilitate the availability of technology and other resources from a leading technology multinational.   I really believe that this collaboration can truly succeed if we all work together,” concluded Jesmond Saliba.

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