Call for citizens to host robotics discussion

EU-funded project, Robotics4EU, seeks 10 individuals based in Malta to host a discussion about robotics and artificial intelligence


Acrosslimits has partnered with Robotics4EU, an EU-funded project aimed at discovering possible barriers to the acceptance of robotics in society, and finding out how to overcome these barriers.

This project is an opportunity for individuals based in Malta to represent Malta in an EU discussion about robotics and artificial intelligence in October 2021, forming part of approximately 700 citizens from a total of 10 EU-member states.

AcrossLimits is responsible for recruiting 10 local hosts, who do not have to have interest in or knowledge of the subject, as the scope is to hear the opinions of average citizens regarding the topic.

Hosts must be based in Malta, aged 18-65+ and must recruit a further five to eight participants (18+) who will partake in the group discussion.

This discussion will last approximately two hours and can take place in the host’s home. Participants can be friends, family, colleagues, people in the same sports club, school, local association etc.

All hosts will receive €75 each and all participants must have a smartphone, tablet or laptop to participate. The discussion will be prompted and led by a designated software, so all the host must do is start the meeting and follow along as a regular participant.

We strongly encourage all interested persons to apply by sending an email to [email protected] as soon as possible, as only 10 slots are available. All applications are screened and hosts will be selected based on a demographic quota.

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