The Malta Chamber and Seed sign Bronze partnership agreement

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry signs a Bronze Partnership agreement with Seed


The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has signed a Bronze Partnership agreement with Seed, aimed to enhance The Chamber’s policy influence with regards to sustainable tourism.

To this end, Seed will be paired with the ‘Tourism Operators Business Section’ within The Malta Chamber’s Policy framework.

“As sustainability is one of the four main pillars of The Malta Chamber’s Economic Vision, The Malta Chamber is partnering with business champions that share the same values. Through this collaboration, The Malta Chamber will be better equipped to raise awareness and develop a high-level implementation plan by focusing on sustainable tourism practices with the aim of offering a quality experience to tourists visiting our islands,” said Marisa Xuereb, President of The Malta Chamber.

Through this agreement, Seed will be supporting the ‘Tourism Operators Business Committee’ in the drawing up of a:

  • Tourism Transformation Map to better understand the challenges and opportunities of the tourism sector by analysing both the local and international market;
  • Transformation Index with the aim of compiling an annual index which can not only measure sectorial readiness, but also serve as a benchmark tool, together with an annual report to analyse this index in more detail.
  • “It is a great privilege for Seed to be associated with and sponsor The Malta Chamber. As a research-driven international advisory firm, Seed is very aligned to The Chamber’s mission, values and drive to be a transforming force. To this end, we will be supporting the Tourism Business Sub-Committee in its efforts to transform such an important pillar to Malta’s economy, and which suffered the brunt of the global pandemic. With the recovery in sight, together with The Chamber, Seed will be actively supporting the development of a vision for a revitalized and sustainable tourism sector,” said JP Fabri, Director at Seed Business Advisory Ltd.

The agreement was signed by President Marisa Xuereb and Deputy President, Chris Vassallo Cesareo on behalf of the Malta Chamber and JP Fabri for Seed.  Alan Arrigo, The Tourism Operators Business Section Chair, was also present during the signing.

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