Subject areas with the highest employability

There are some extremely requested and well-paid jobs, and some, of course, are not. It is essential to analyse all options that suit the career that best fits you


Today, there are a wide variety of choices for earning an under-and postgraduate degree. But not all these degrees might seem appealing to young adults pursuing their future educational journey. When it comes to choosing a career path in post-secondary education, a wide range of options lies ahead of every student, and it is not easy to make the right choice.

One of the features in making an informed choice is employability.  Here we list some subjects randomly to avoid interference with other choices that students might have in choosing their career path.


Subjects related with engineering have high employability and are required in different industries. The subject area may vary from mechanical, aeronautical, industrial, civil, electrical, chemical to general engineering. Nevertheless, the employability rates remain high because engineering degrees are suitable for almost all industries.

Computer science

A degree in computer science, also known as computing, gives young graduates good chances for working in any industry from health and environment to business and finance. To mention all the numerous possibilities of working in more adherent industries such as artificial intelligence or robotics.


As the world is getting more complicated, people are getting more and more stressed. This means that psychologists, psychotherapeutic and psychiatrists have a lot of work to do. An undergraduate in psychology can choose between clinical psychology, counselling or forensic psychology or other types of specializations.


Whether it is about public schools or adult training, education is among one of the subjects with the highest employability rates. There are several specializations to choose from, and there are almost always vacancies in that working sector.

Veterinary science

As pets are growing in number and importance, also are the people who take care of their health issues. That is why vets are one of the most well-paid and quick-employed employees. 

Medicine and dentistry

People having medicine-related degrees such as surgeons, dentists and doctors are most likely to find a job anywhere in the world. They are needed not also in public hospitals but also the private sector for a smaller public. 

Nursing and midwifery

A degree with even higher employability than that of medicine-related subjects is undoubtedly the one in nursing. Hospitals and other public and private health exercises are constantly in desperate need of nurses.

Pharmacology, toxicology

The pharmaceutical business has always been strong, but lately, it has undergone significant growth, especially after Covid-19 pandemics. The pharmaceutical industry is well-funded and solid, and it is hardly ever in crisis since people are unable to live without it.

Allied health

Orthopaedics, occupational therapy, radiology and physiotherapy are all subjects in which it is easy to find an occupation because they are much required, especially given that nowadays, many people spend most of their time sitting in offices and having health issues.


Whether it is a degree in business, business and management or economics, the business sector is vast and always much appreciated by everyone. Many people work in industry or for it, so it is easy to find a job in this sector. Besides, MBA courses raise one's salary too. 

Architecture, planning, building

Designing buildings and building them has excellent job prospects. Besides, it is a well-paid subject, and it includes ordinary urban buildings and infrastructures of all kinds. 


Now that global warming has become a widespread concern, agriculture has multiple career prospects that usually guarantee employability in the first six months after graduation. It has always been a solid industry, and now it is growing for biological and healthy food trends.

Communication and media studies, design

Last but not least is communication and media studies, which often include (web) design. These studies were once not so profitable, but now that mass and social media influence our lifestyle, these subject areas are worth studying for their ever-rising employability rate.

In other words

No matter the subject area, the employability rates remain high in some "classical" subjects such as business. Some other topics, such as agriculture, have modernized their perspective while remaining one of the most required degrees. Others, such as communication and media, are newcomers since they have gained high value in the current times and not before. No matter the employability, one should still choose a degree course that best fits their interests. The best would be to opt for a career in niche areas to avoid competitivity and to get the most of tutoring. All that is possible at ACS – ASOMI College of Sciences. Click here to take a closer look.


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