Gozo business is betting on ‘true recovery’ this summer

Online GTA survey polls members on positive quarter in which business and revenues were on the up

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An online survey by the Gozo Tourism Association among its members focusing has shown encouraging signs that 2022 is going to be recovery year.

53% of the establishments reported more business on previous the previous quarter of 2021, with 33% stating that their performance was equal to that of the first four months 2021, while 13% reported less business than the period of 2021.

This improvement was corroborated further when 57% of respondents declared that the performance of the foreign market on their business was better than that of 2021, with 30% stating that the performance of this market was equal to that of the January to April period of 2021.

The respondents of this survey were also requested to gauge the effects of the Easter period on their establishment’s performance. More than half of participants, 60%, declared that the Easter period of 2022 fared better than 2021, while 27% stated that during the past Easter period, their business faired on the same levels of 2021.

On the other hand, 13% reported less business during the Easter period in 2022 when compared to 2021.

The tourism operators were also asked about the revenue generated during the first four months of 2022. 53% stated that this period was better than 2021, while 30% declared that it was on the same levels of the past year and 13% reported that it was less the year 2021.

When asked about their business constraints 77% of respondents blamed the increase in operating costs. Another prevalent constraint was mentioned by 74% of respondents was the staff shortage.

Furthermore 61% of respondents declared that their 70% or more of their staff compliment is made up of foreign workers. Finally, from this survey it transpired that 43% of respondents are envisaging better business during 2022 than 2021, with another 23% are predicting very promising year but not exceeding results of 2019.

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