Newly refurbished BVLGARI Monobrand Boutique inaugurated

The newly refurbished BVLGARI Boutique was inaugurated by Dr. Lydia Abela in Republic Street, Valletta on Friday last week


The newly refurbished BVLGARI Boutique was inaugurated by Dr. Lydia Abela in Republic Street, Valletta on Friday last week.

The BVLGARI Monobrand boutique boasts a stunning architectural concept developed by the internationally known architect Peter Marino. BVLGARI is synonymous with Rome, through its sunlight, marble and historic buildings. The boutique’s design exemplifies genuine Roman design flair.

Stepping into the Malta’s BVLGARI boutique transports visitors to Rome momentarily, thanks to the warm tones that evoke the apricot golden skies of late afternoons in romantic Rome.

The interior showcases a recreation of the original windows still present in Bulgari’s iconic flagship in Via Condotti in Rome today, which are adorned with Imperial Saffron, shantung silk. The walls are finished in encausto, a traditional artisan Italian technique. The marble floor has a central mosaic of the distinctive red eight-pointed star in porphyry, which adds a classic elegance.

The eight-pointed star represents the four compass points of North, South, East, and West. Legend has it that the Latin phrase “Roma Caput Mundi” means all roads lead to Rome.

Italian design has always been characterised by the beauty of shape, the audacious combination of materials and colours and superb craftsmanship. In a continuous tribute to Italian designers of the 30s, the 50s, and the 60s are the two free standing counters taking inspiration from Italian designers, Franco Albini in the walnut wood showcase and Carlo Scarpa in Marble showcase.

Sterling Group opened the Bvlgari Boutique in June 2013. This was the first monobrand BVLGARI store on the island and specifically in Valletta, Malta’s Capital. The city built by gentlemen for gentlemen has a historic grandeur in its own right to reflect and house the branded boutique dedicated to the iconic Italian fashion brand BVLGARI.

The inauguration was followed by a reception on the upper part of ‘Teatru Rjal’ where the theatre was lit in saffron hues to create the BVLGARI ambience. Tuning into the Roman themed event, the tenor, Clive Zammit Stevens sang Classical Italian songs accompanied by a live band and also featured a violinist who played soft classical tunes.

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