Israeli spine-surgery tech firm expands to Malta

PathKeeper, an emerging med-tech company from Israel has announced the opening of its new subsidiary in Malta


PathKeeper - an emerging med-tech company from Israel has announced the opening of its new subsidiary in Malta. The company has developed a 3D navigation system that offers continuous anatomical tracking for spine surgeries.

In addition to its ground breaking technology, the system is radiation-free, cost-efficient and mobile.

Their Malta subsidiary will be developing a robotic arm that will further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of spinal surgeries. This will improve spinal surgeries success rate to the benefit of patients. This system can also be used in other orthopaedic surgeries to maximize the efficacy and accuracy of interventions.

CEO of Malta Enterprise, Kurt Farrugia explained that “Such innovative start-ups have the potential to attract the best talent, expertise and skills in their field, in this case in relation to robotic engineering and technology. We look forward to seeing the development of the technology which PathKeeper will be working on as well as seeing its’ eventual application in the medical sector, leading to better care for patients and more cost-efficient medical solutions.”

“Classified as having an advanced economy by the International Monetary Fund, and an innovation-driven economy by the World Economic Forum, PathKeeper strongly believes in Malta’s economy and wants to grow with Malta. We are grateful to Malta Enterprise for the collaboration and support. We are eager to grow and expand together with our Maltese colleagues and look forward to profiting together with them as we develop the next generation of spine navigation.” said CEO, Erez Lampert.

Medtech is an emerging niche for Malta with companies such as Baxter who have an R&D base in Malta and a growing biotech cluster specifically in Medical Cannabis field.

Malta’s ecosystem is ideal for start-ups because of the close link that companies can establish with different stakeholders including academia and proactive regulators.

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