MIA rated fifth best airport in Europe in survey based on Google reviews, ratings

Malta International Airport praised for range and quality of facilities, food court


Malta International Airport has been rated the fifth-best airport in Europe, in a survey by Holidu, a top search engine for holiday rentals.

Using data from Google Maps, this study was conducted using the average Google rating and the number of reviews to create the ultimate European airport ranking.

This comes hot on the heel of news that Malta saw a 47% increase in tourist visits in 2021, according to a National Statistics Office report.

The figures are still way below pre-pandemic levels, as 2.7 million tourists visited the country in 2019.  968,136 tourists visited Malta in 2021.

The total expenditure for 2021 was 91% more than that of 2020, and the total nights spent increased by 60%.

Athens International Airport in Greece earned top spot in Holidu’s survey with 4.4 stars over 44,467 reviews.

It was followed by Zurich Airport, Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport in Portugal, Alicante International Airport in Spain, and MIA, which earned 4.6 stars over 6,279 reviews.

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in France was rated the worst airport in Europe, earning 2.7 stars over 5,700 reviews.

These are the best rated airports in Europe according to Google:

1. Athens International Airport, Greece

Avg. 4.4 stars, 24,467 reviews

Athens Airport is the best airport in Europe! As the biggest and most known airport in Greece, ATH is located 33 kilometres away from the city centre.

Greece has gotten by relativity unscathed from the European flight mania, with most of the delays being experienced at the departing airports with inbound flights to Greece.

Travellers who have a layover can enjoy baggage storage options, airport lounges, archaeological artefacts exhibitions, and a wide selection of restaurants and cafes.

2. Zürich Airport, Switzerland

Avg. 4.4 stars, 14,267 reviews

Although facing some backlash from the recent air traffic control glitch, Zürich Airport is one travellers definitely don’t mind getting stuck in, and it hasn’t seemed to affect its reputation.

Zürich Airport has everything one could need to kill time at the airport. Starting on 1 August, they will have live music on the weekends and a games lounge complete with table tennis, darts, and even a mini-golf course.

Other events include brunch on the Observation Deck, BBQs and more.

3. Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport, Portugal

Avg. 4.4 stars, 11,904 reviews

Taking the third place spot is Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport also known as Porto Airport.

Porto may be a good option to avoid the delays that have been plaguing Portugal’s largest airport, Lisbon, since mid-June. Bloomberg even reported 65% delayed and 4.8% cancelled flights there since the beginning of July.

Porto Airport has an airport app for tracking real-time arrival and departure times, as well as flight status, so communication is direct and in real-time.

A fast-track option, a priority channel that allows travellers to get through security faster is available.

They also have options for family travel with a space for children with a library, videos, and other activities to keep them entertained.

4. Alicante International Airport, Spain

Avg. 4.3 stars, 10,547 reviews

Alicante International Airport in Spain is the main airport serving the Valencian Community and Murcia area. Many travellers praise its organised layout and bright spacious design.

5. Malta International Airport

Avg. 4.3 stars, 6,279 reviews

In fifth place with an average Google rating of 4.3, is MIA. Although the airport and hub airline Air Malta got caught up in all the London Heathrow flight delays, its facilities are still matched to those of the larger European airports.

Complete with not only, restaurants, duty-free shops, and VIP lounges, it even has a hairdresser and dental clinic.

MIA also boasts a freshly renovated food court that offers a wide food section and an upscale aesthetic.

These are the five worst-rated airports in Europe:

1. Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport, France

Avg. 2.7 stars, 5,700 reviews

Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport in France hits the lowest spot with an average Google rating of 2.7. The main complaints about this airport were the small size with lack of seating for travellers.

To top it off, with the recent troubles of staff strikes cancelling many flights, travellers may want to consider some alternatives if planning to fly through Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport.

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (3.9 stars/5,041 reviews) is only three to four hours by train and two to three hours by car, or there are also a plethora of train and bus options available if one can’t get to their destination without flying.

2. Heraklion International Airport, Greece

Avg. 2.8 stars, 10,791 reviews

Next on the list is Heraklion International Airport with an average Google Maps rating of 2.8. Most complaints focus on how crowded and poorly equipped the airport is for its traffic volume.

It may be worth checking out Chania International Airport (4.0/3,678) which is rated much higher and is just a two-hour drive from Heraklion.

3. Luton Airport, United Kingdom

Avg. 3.0 stars + 10,665 reviews

Luton Airport in London has been hit with the summer flight pandemonium, with Bloomberg reporting 66% delayed, and 2.7% cancelled flights since the start of July compared with London Heathrow’s 51%.

To top that, it only comes in with an average rating of 3 on Google with most complaints seeming to be lack of public transport connections to the airport and resulting massive queues from its small size despite the high volume of travellers.

For anyone who absolutely needs to fly it may still be worthwhile choosing Heathrow (4.0/32,095) or Gatwick (3.8/12,953) as they are larger and have more capacity and facilities if flights get delayed.

4. Manchester Airport, United Kingdom

Avg. 3 stars, 15,192 reviews

Manchester Airport in the UK is next on the list, with the majority of the complaints referencing rude staff and lack of organisation resulting in very long queues.

It may be better for travellers to make their way over to the Liverpool John Lennon Airport (3.9 stars/3,087 reviews), about a 45-minute drive from Manchester Airport, for a better airport experience.

5. Berlin Willy-Brandt International Airport

Avg. 3.2 stars, 16,959 reviews

The fifth-worst airport is Berlin’s Willy-Brandt International Airport. P

lagued from the start with a delay of nearly a decade from its planned opening date, and costing €4 billion over budget, Berlin Willy-Brandt International Airport comes in with only a 3.2 average Google rating.

Whilst being praised for clean and modern facilities, most complaints are centred around it being unorganised, as well as for the slow security processing resulting in long lines.

Alternatives include Dresden Airport (4 stars/1,295 reviews) which is only an hour and a half drive from Berlin.

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