[WATCH] New online supermarket offers contactless and fast deliveries

myfood.mt is an online-only supermarket offering a user-friendly experience with the possibility of providing multiple delivery addresses

myfood.mt can be accessed from both mobile and desktop
myfood.mt can be accessed from both mobile and desktop

A newly-launched, online-only supermarket, offers customers the possibility to purchase their groceries with next-day delivery service.

The website - myfood.mt - aims to provide the most user-friendly online shopping experience for families amid the coronavirus crisis, drastically reducing the waiting time for available delivery slots, and helping families to stay at home rather than having to physically visit a supermarket in order to get their grocery essentials.

Products on the website include a vast selection of Malta’s most favourite products that one can access from both mobile and desktop.

myfood.mt offers next day deliveries for orders placed before 6pm. Customers can also book their grocery shopping delivery up to six days in advance.

The website was designed with the simplest registration process in mind, making it fast and easy for customers to log in and shop for their grocery items. Customers are able to add as many delivery addresses as they wish to the same account, making it easier to shop for family members who may not have access to online websites.

The website uses an easy to use address registration system with a  simple choice of locality and subsequent street name in pre-populated fields.

myfood deliveries in collaboration with eCabs Delivers opt
myfood deliveries in collaboration with eCabs Delivers opt

myfood.mt offers its service at a flat rate charge of €2.50 per order from Monday to Saturday and €5.00 on Sundays and public holidays. This service includes the personal picking of groceries from a dedicated online-only warehouse, as well as the speed of delivery and contactless service, bringing customers’ orders directly to their doorstep at street level.

In line with the ambition of offering next day delviery, myfood.mt is running its operation in collaboration with eCabs, making full use of their tech mobility framework and round the clock operational capabilities. eCabs Delivers is a last-mile service which successfuly started operating last December and was offically launched in March, aiming to provide unparralelled service in door to door fulfilment. myfood.mt deliveries will take place between 11am and 9pm.

Whilst keeping the design as practical and easy to use as possible, the website also uses the highest security standards for secure payments as well as privacy.

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