How story-based marketing will grow your business post-Covid

Worried about sales during a recession? This webinar will teach you the seven elements of business-related storytelling that will help you reach more customers and make more sales


With the International Monetary Fund predicting that the economy will contract sharply by -3% in 2020 (down significantly on recent years) most businesses are worried about what this will mean for their sales and how they sustain their teams.

“It’s completely understandable to be worried about how to attract new clients at the moment,” Jo Caruana, Malta’s only StoryBrand Certified Guide and the founder of content creation and PR company WriteMeAnything, said.

“With less money coming in you have a choice: bury your head in the sand or find new and better ways to communicate with your potential clients so that you stand out and still thrive. After all, the average person encounters over 3,000 commercial messages a day, so how can you get them to sit up, engage and choose you?”

Having recently introduced the popular American communications framework StoryBrand to Malta, Caruana understands that many people won’t yet know the benefits of how the techniques of great storytelling will connect their business to their audience.

So this free 90-minute webinar, which targets small business owners specifically, will provide instantly-usable tips and resources that participants can inject into their marketing strategy and implement in the challenging months ahead.

“If you’re wondering why you should care about storytelling for your business, then just think about the things that – even in today’s busy world – still keep your attention effectively: Hollywood films, great series, brilliant books and so on,” Caruana continues. “They are all great examples of why stories do the work for you, so your business communication becomes effortless.

“But even I have to admit that I didn’t understand quite how helpful a storytelling framework would be to engage customers and make more sales. Now that I do, I am excited to share these tips with others so they can use them too.”

Beyond running through the seven-part framework, Ms Caruana is also offering a free real-time website analysis to participants during the webinar, so they can gain valuable feedback and know what to fix instantly to improve the way they communicate.

She will even help them get started on a one-liner – one of the most important and effective communication tools for any brand to get right.

“This is a difficult time for many businesses, so this is our way of giving them a few easy-to-implement resources to help them think of new ways to reach clients. We hope the webinar will prove interesting, insightful and useful as they plan how to grow their businesses in new and exciting ways post-Covid,” Caruana adds.

WriteMeAnything’s free webinar will take place at 3pm on 14 May. To sign up please visit

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