Baxter Malta expands production by 20% as it adapts capacity to help fight COVID-19

Economy mister says new measures will be anonunced in the coming days to help stimulate further economic activity amid the coronavirus pandemic


The government will, in the coming days, be announcing more measures aimed at stimulating further economic activity as it eases restrictions introduced to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Silvio Schembri, Minister for Economy, Investment and Small Business, said that the new measures are part of a holistic plan that includes all economic sectors.

Schembri, who visited Baxter Malta today as the company celebrates its 30-year anniversary since setting up operations in Malta, said the government was solidly behind initiatives being taken by industry leaders to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Baxter Malta has expanded its production by 20% and will be engaging up to 100 new employees.

At the same time, the company has adapted to the challenges brought about by COVID-19, taking proactive measures to protect employee workplace safety, and to provide aid to healthcare providers and those affected by the pandemic.

“In view of the increase in demand for some medical products, Baxter sought to maximise its production levels in making products used in COVID-19 patient care,” he said. “Faced with such adversities, Baxter sought opportunities. The company expanded its production capacity by 20% and as a result it shall engage up to 100 new employees.”

Baxter has in fact boosted production of a wide range of products used in intensive care units to treat COVID-19 patients, including essential medicines, intravenous solutions and nutrition, infusion pumps, blood purification filters, dialysis machines & disposables.  

“It is this very sense of optimism that we, as a Government are committed to instil as a means to stimulate our economy and generate economic activity. This is a crucial week which we have now embarked upon. We have entered a new phase of lifting more restrictions to reignite our economy,” Schembri said.

He said the manufacturing industry was vital for the country’s economic activity and – in these trying times – it had demonstrated its agility and flexibility in adjusting to a new reality.

Brian Tabone, Baxter Manufacturing Director said that in its 30 years of operation in Malta, Baxter always sought to prioritise the abilities of its work force.

“At the moment, Baxter employs around 500 employees across various departments from manufacturing, engineering to research and development amongst others,” he said.

“Demand has increased significantly, five times normal ordering levels for the fluids, sets and devices used for continuous renal replacement therapy. As a company, we felt the need to adapt in view of the challenges the pandemic brought about resulting in an increase in the number of employees in the coming days.”

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