Shireburn Software founder takes up role of Executive Chairman, CEO post vacated

Shireburn Software CEO Nathan Farrugia to relinquish role and join Board as non-executive director • Company founder John de Giordio to become Executive Chairman effective 1 September

Shireburn Software founder John de Giorgio
Shireburn Software founder John de Giorgio

Shireburn Software founder John de Giorgio will be taking up the role of Executive Chairman, as part of a process through which the company is seeking to further strengthen its Board in the months to come.

Nathan Farrugia will be relinquishing his role as CEO and will be joining the Board of Shireburn Software as a non-Executive Director, effective 1 September.

Farrugia will be focusing on the business development of UP Ltd, the company he founded in which Shireburn is a shareholder. UP Ltd works with its clients to enhance the performance of business teams through coaching and training programmes in Malta and internationally.

He will, in fact, also continue to act as a business coach for the Shireburn team as he has been doing for these last two and half years.

Shireburn Software is the leading software products company in the field of solutions for business particularly focused on solutions for people management, finance and inventory.

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