PA launches second edition of Valletta Marsamxett grant scheme

Scheme widened to include restoration of all apertures, doors and balconies on the façade


The Planning Authority, in collaboration with the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, launched the 2nd edition of the Valletta Marsamxett Grant Scheme.

For this edition, the Authority has decided to widen the eligible works to include the restoration and maintenance on all timber balconies, apertures, doors and wrought iron open balconies that are on the façade of the building.

To encourage residents to take up this ‘one-time’ opportunity and help improve the quality of life within this zone, the scheme will fully fund the works associated with the restoration or replacement of the open or timber balcony.

This includes the professional fees of an architect and the costs for the hiring of scaffolding during the works.

Martin Saliba, Chairperson of the PA’s Executive Council, said “Today, when walking through most parts of Valletta, you can feel that there is a renewed sense of pride; an expectation that the city is fast becoming a place where to live again and where culture, gastronomy, art, entertainment and hospitality converge; turning Valletta into a destination. Of course, Valletta is not just somewhere people go for work, culture, shopping, or entertainment. The city is home to thousands and bettering their lives remains a top priority.”

He said that some zones, such as the area of Marsamxett, which holds a unique historical value within the Capital, were still in the process of being regenerated and so need more assistance to breathe new life into them.

“We are re-opening this scheme to give residents within the Marsamxett area the opportunity to contribute towards the regeneration of their area,” he said.

“The scheme is equally about architectural preservation, as it is to improve the social dimension of families living in this area.”

The grant scheme of €300,000 is being made available only for those properties which are used as residences and excludes offices, commercial buildings, non-government organisations or religious buildings.  80% of the grant scheme will be paid for by EU funds, while the remaining 20% will be covered by the Planning Authority’s Irrestawra Darek initiative.

The scheme will close on Friday 19 February 2021, or earlier if the funds are exhausted. The works related to the restoration or replacement of the balconies must be completed by 30 August 2022.

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Over the past weeks, the Authority also launched an extended version of the 2019 edition of the Irrestawra Darek Scheme.

This year, the Authority is committing a further €3 million to those property owners who, due to the overwhelming response, missed out on receiving financial assistance in the last edition and were placed on a ‘waiting list’.

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