KYC Portal wins US data management solutions award

KYC Portal has won the Best KYC & Client On-Boarding Solution award, alongside winners from Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Capco, at the A-Team Group’s inaugural Data Management Insight Awards

KYC Portal’s Business Development Manager, Nickii Mallia
KYC Portal’s Business Development Manager, Nickii Mallia

KYC Portal has won the Best KYC & Client On-Boarding Solution award, alongside winners from Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Capco, at the A-Team Group’s inaugural Data Management Insight Awards – USA 2022 drinks reception in New York on 22 September.

KYC Portal’s Business Development Manager, Nickii Mallia, attended the event.

These awards recognise both established solution vendors and innovative newcomers providing leading data management solutions, services and consultancy to capital markets participants across North America.

The awards included 30 categories of data management solutions ranging from Best Corporate Actions Solution to Best Data Management Initiative for ESG, Best Standards Solution for Data Management, Best Data Quality Analysis Tool, Best Graph Database Solution, Best Data Science Solution, Best North America Consultancy in Data Management, and more.

KYCP is the most advanced and fully dynamic, real-time, risk-driven, complete end-to-end Client Lifecycle Management solution on the market, developed specifically in order to help organisations stay compliant with all the regulatory changes, on top of competition, all whilst being in full control and risk exposure reduced to a minimum.

The onboarding module within KYC Portal is called the Customer Outreach Tool, an embedded module that is part and parcel of the product which allows external subjects to be able to on-board themselves. The importance of this module being integrated within KYC Portal is critical as the data that the system presents to the end-user is dynamically maintained by the organisation itself.

Based on the data that the customer is filling in in the first step (forms) the system is in real-time calculating the risk being perceived. Which risk is dynamically changing the requirements in the next steps, which enables the subject to upload their own documents and answer any questionnaires, based on the defined enhanced due diligence process set in KYCP.

KYC Portal allows the compliance team to streamline and define within the system all that has to do with the ongoing side of KYC and due diligence alerting your teams when something needs to be addressed rather than having a team of employees who are constantly on the lookout for such happenings. Based on KYCP’s fully dynamic configuration engine, which is in the hands of your compliance teams to update and tweak accordingly, it allows you to define your review process at subject level based on risk, define the document requirements also based on the enhanced due diligence process, integrate with third-party screening services for constant daily alerts on changed risk levels of subjects and calculates risk in real-time on all data being fed.

With a system like KYC Portal, the work that is usually all done on the date of the review of the respective application is spread throughout the lifetime of the subject based on what needs to happen when.

“We are proud to have created the first fully embedded CLM solution for the due diligence function of any company in any jurisdiction. KYC Portal offers an entire lifecycle from the very first steps of on boarding a counterparty whilst also automating the full ongoing aspect of due diligence. This seamless combination delivers a lot of benefit to our customers since it allows them to be in full control of both sides of the journey leading to a lifecycle that is tailored on the process requirements but also a system that adapts the journey based on the real time data that is being input at that stage of the lifecycle.” Kristoff Zammit Ciantar, KYC Portal Founder & CEO, said.

KYC Portal is the flagship product of Aqubix, an IT consultancy and experienced solution provider, headquartered in Malta.

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