Crowning Malta’s best architecture and design projects for 2022

13 awards are up for the taking as the 4th edition of The Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning (MASP) Awards gets underway. MASP Awards organiser Peter Gingell explains how these awards are helping us discover and appreciate some Malta’s new architectural gems and the inspirational people behind them.

Residential Architecture Award Winner 2021 - Portomaso Laguna - Demicoli and Associates
Residential Architecture Award Winner 2021 - Portomaso Laguna - Demicoli and Associates

Even though we see historical and modern architecture as vastly different, both are likewise important and can be equally successful. While old architecture can inform us about the culture, history, and values of the past — such as the unique and charming temples, palaces and churches that beautify our Island, modern architecture has the power to inspire and transform, for the better, the spaces we live in. But for modern architecture to attain the same level of success we attribute to older buildings, today’s buildings must be well-designed not only exteriorly but interiorly too. Well-designed architecture is not a subjective matter. Style and fashion are.

While we celebrate the works and names of well recognised local architects such as Tumas Dingli, Glormu Cassar, Emmanuel Luigi Galizia to name a few, who left behind them iconic landmark buildings, we are less appreciative of today’s contemporary architects and designers whose job has never been more complex and challenging with success being far from guaranteed.

“The scope of the MASP Awards - now welcoming submissions for its 4th annual edition - is to recognise and celebrate the quality work and the people behind successful well-designed architecture projects of today. Launched in 2019 by the PA under the Patronage of the President of Malta, the MASP Awards have become the ‘hall of fame’ for  local architects and interior designers and a mark of excellence in the industry.,” explains MASP Awards organiser Peter Gingell.

“If it weren’t for these awards most well-designed projects remain unappreciated and ‘hidden stories’ of the creative local talent we have around us. We believe that giving publicity to best practices there is a better chance of tipping the scales in favour of well designed architecture.” highlights Mr Gingell.    

For this year’s edition, two new categories have been added. The Small Projects Awards is being introduced to accommodate projects that may not be competitive if included with larger-scale projects in other categories. Here, projects must demonstrate that one can achieve remarkable results even though small in scale. Not exceeding a footprint of 170sqm, projects may also include installations, temporary structures, street furniture, information kiosks, shading canopies and viewing platforms.   

The other new category is the Architectural Engineering Award. Behind every great piece of architecture is superb engineering. This award will recognise projects that excel in structural engineering and push the boundaries of architecture through creative engineering.

Mr Gingell continued “Another major change relates to the evaluation stage. As of this year, participants will have the opportunity to give a 5-minute presentation for the projects they would have submitted. This will enable the jury members, especially the foreign experts, to have a more holistic viewpoint and learn more about each project before deciding which the winning projects should be.” “Next year we plan to take the winning projects of the past two editions closer to the people, by having an outdoor life size roadshow exhibition visit a number of localities.” highlighted Mr Gingell.

The President’s Award will once again feature prominently in this year’s edition. To date, this prestigious prize was awarded to dsitinguished professionals including Perit Konrad Buhagiar, Perit Joseph Spiteri (post humous) and Dr Perit Godwin Cassar.  With many possible names on the cards, this award will be given to a person  who made an outstanding contribution over the years through research, education, theory or practice of architecture and the built environment.

“As we invite entries for this year’s edition, we want to take a moment to express our appreciation for all MASP Award-winning Periti and designers, whose innovative ideas, forward-thinking mindset and meticulous work inspires the collective design quality change we need in our built environment. For this we remain grateful!”.

The Awards Ceremony for the 4th edition will be held on Saturday 1st April 2023. Entries for the awards are open until Tuesday 31st January 2023, while public voting will take place between 20th February and 12th March 2023.

An early-bird offer has been introduced for this edition, which will serve as an incentive for smaller architecture and interior design firms to consider entering more projects and not leave all the preparatory work for the last few days.

More information and submission details are available online at

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