29 MAY 2002

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Low premiums troubling insurance companies
Local insurance companies seem concerned over the amount of cars travelling along our roads. The increase in private motor vehicles has also caused an automatic increase in road accidents, producing a considerable amount of casualties
Collective agreement at Union Press
- solution in the offing
The new collective agreement for Union Press workers is now in the offing. Months of talks between the union workers committee and officials from the General Workers' Union seemed to have stall with both sides sticking to their initial position
Majority of around 730 early retirement applications accepted… but
The majority of around 730 early retirement applications will be accepted by The Malta Dry-docks management. Only around 70 are to be refused but this may catalyse protests as these workers feel that they have the right to retire under the Early Retirement Scheme launched in February
Shareholders approve Globe Financial Management British American merger
In the latest stage of the merger process underway between Globe Financial Management and the local operations of British American Insurance (Mtius) Ltd, GFM shareholders last Friday approved a resolution to merge
Maltese-born to head prestigious fund management company
Maltese-born Philip Manduca has been appointed to head the alternative investment division at Morley Fund Management. This newly set up unit has assets of £2bn under fund management
Efficiency improving at government departments
By Miriam Dunn
The general perception is that government departments are inefficient, slow and bureaucratic. But according to the findings of a recent ‘e-government services business survey’, most of us are fairly satisfied with the services offered
Diving sector in focus
Tourism Minister Michael Refalo, speaking at the launch in Qawra of Peter G. Lemon’s book "Guide to shore diving in the Maltese Islands", last week released new statistical data relating to the diving niche market
UK cargo agents on Malta visit
For the second consecutive year, Air Malta Cargo Systems invited a group of UK Cargo Agents on a two-day visit to Malta as part of its marketing activities


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