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KMB dumps CNI for Mintoff

CNI to change its position on EU
Former Maltese Prime Minister and leader of the Malta Labour Party who founded the CNI movement (Campaign for National Independence) yesterday dumped the movement to form an alliance with another former Labour Party Prime Minister - Dom Mintoff. READ MORE >>

A year on 9/11 effects still felt

By Marika Azzopardi and Ray Abdilla
The Maltese economy was by no means spared the effect of the startling events that took place one year ago today and the after effects of the ensuing economic downturn are still being felt – particularly in the industrial and tourism sectors. READ MORE >>

Mediterranean cross border securities trading in the pipeline

The cross border trading of securities between stock exchanges in Malta, Tunisia and Egypt is in the pipeline, with the pending signing of a protocol to establish a working group to set up a BorzaMed Project. READ MORE >>

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