21 January 2004

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Priceclub’s turmoil proportionate to Parmalat’s financial fiasco
By Julian Manduca
The impact of the collapse of the Priceclub on Malta is probably equal to or could even be in excess of that of the possible impacts of the Parmalat scandal, The Malta Financial and Business Times reveals. READ MORE >>

Leisure industry fears smoking ban will have negative economic impact
By Kurt Sansone
Malta will be joining Ireland and Norway this year in enforcing a ban on smoking in public places but the regulations, which come into force in April have raised eyebrows in the leisure industry with one operator describing them as "cold turkey." READ MORE >>

How much Maltese money could be lost in Parmalat?
A number of stockbrokers have confirmed that Maltese investors made investments in the troubled Parmalat, but because of client confidentiality could not confirm the details.
Up until a few months ago an investment in Parmalat was considered a wise investment and several stockbrokers advised Maltese to invest in the dairy giant. READ MORE >>

Maltacom chairman rules out redundancies
As the Maltacom Group seeks to invest in innovation in the coming year it will also be looking closely at its bottom line in a bid to have a leaner operation. But newly appointed Chairman Sonny Portelli, yesterday ruled out that a leaner company meant redundancies.
"Like any business we have to look at our cost base. We have to be efficient and lean. READ MORE >>

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