04 May 2005

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Shaping up for the Euro odyssey
Matthew Vella and Julian Manduca
Malta enters the Euro with a tough road ahead of it. Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Gonzi is confident the country is on track to send the deficit below three per cent of the GDP but the sceptics believe the added pressure on cutting down in record time will not help the economy.

Promised venture capital still in the air
Karl Schembri
The Lm900,000 venture capital fund promised in the last budget six months ago to small enterprises and industry has not been set up yet, The Malta Financial and Business Times has learnt.

Leisure industry underscores difference between ‘being positive’ and ‘dreaming’
Kurt Sansone
The Prime Minister’s rallying cry on Sunday for people to be positive has raised the ire of businessmen in the leisure industry, who have had to suffer one of the worst winters ever.

UK foreign policy hinges on electoral outcome
James Debono
British High Commissioner Vincent Fean told The Malta Financial and Business Times that the UK’s foreign policy could very well change depending on which party clinches victory in tomorrow’s election.

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