14 September 2005

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The power of possibility

No one knows better than you about the challenges small and midsize companies face. You live with competitive pressures every day. There are always business rivals with deeper pockets, customers demanding more for less, and suppliers giving preferential treatment to larger organizations.
Because of your company’s size, however, you may have at least one powerful advantage over bigger organizations—and that’s business agility. You can respond quickly to changing market and economic conditions. While the larger players are still deciding what to do, you can size up potential business opportunities or threats—and act fast—before they do.
How can you sharpen your competitive edge? First, by having a secure and reliable information system that provides superior business intelligence, collaboration power, and transactional efficiency. But it’s not just about buying the right software products. It’s also about forming a strategic relationship with an information management provider that knows how to implement best practices, create competitive advantage, and facilitate growth.
Oracle, in conjunction with a network of partners, has worked with small and midsize companies for more than a decade, providing powerful and integrated business solutions that are easy to use and inexpensive to maintain. Together with our partners, we provide industry knowledge and local expertise in information management, to help you achieve stronger performance and greater profitability.
Now the power of Oracle is within your grasp.
Your company needs information management solutions that can help you solve business challenges rapidly. But, at the same time, you want to minimize risk and achieve a faster return on investment. How can you create the competitive advantages you need?

Shorten your time to benefit
Return on investment is a key consideration for any technology project. IT investments must demonstrate their value—and the sooner the better. To be competitive, your company needs solutions that are quick to implement, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain.
The last thing you need is downtime—or a protracted and costly IT project that diverts precious resources away from core business activities. Oracle’s pre-packaged solutions for the mid-market deliver value by providing functionality that improves business operations while reducing your IT costs.

Most valuable asset
Do you know where all your critical information is? How quickly can you calculate the quarterly cost of sales, monthly employee travel and entertainment expenditures, or the development hours spent on each project? More important, do you have software that enables you to share all this information among many different business processes? Oracle offers easy-to-use, highly available, secure technology and applications that allow you to store, manage, and share your information—all at a low cost. With Oracle you can get the information you need, when you need it.

Smart and affordable solutions
The right IT system can make all the difference between business success and failure. A growing business should not settle for anything less than high performance, advanced security, and transactional efficiency. With Oracle’s new entry-level pricing, companies of all sizes can benefit from the world’s most powerful business software.

Solutions that grow with you
Every company needs to be ready to capitalize on new opportunities. Oracle lets you start small and grow as your business grows. Oracle builds its open, industry-standard technology and applications to encourage choice, so you are not limited to one type of operating system, hardware, or development tools. Oracle offers proven performance, reliability, and security on all popular systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX.

Oracle database standard edition one: easy to install, easy to use
Oracle makes technology that meets business requirements for companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to large enterprises. Oracle has long been the database of choice among large enterprises—and now Oracle’s industry-leading technology is available at a low entry cost.
Oracle Database Standard Edition One includes everything you need for building and deploying business-critical applications. It’s easy to install, with only one CD, and has an easy-to-use interface.
Oracle Database Standard Edition One also includes new self-managing capabilities and eliminates many time-consuming and error-prone administrative tasks. Your database administrators will save time by avoiding performance and availability fire drills. They can focus instead on strategic issues, which will help you achieve your business objectives. For less up-front cost and a lower total cost of ownership than Microsoft SQL Server, you can run your database on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX—even if you have no previous Oracle experience.

Oracle standard edition with real application clusters
You can get a database with 24/7 availability and unlimited scalability at a low entry cost. Oracle Real Application Clusters, previously available only as an add-on with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, is now included as a feature of Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition.
With Oracle Real Application Clusters, you can take advantage of capacity on demand—allowing you to buy additional hardware as you need it, so you don’t have to make a large initial investment in more hardware than you need.
With Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition, you get all the core automated management features that have been optimized for Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition, such as quick and easy server and client installation; fast and easy user-error correction; non-escalating row-level locking; a powerful built-in Web development tool; analytics, statistics, and modeling; and automatic storage management.
Businesses large and small choose Oracle Database more than any other database on the market today, because of its high availability and proven reliability, security, and scalability. Now you can get all of this at a new low cost with Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition with Real Application Clusters.

Oracle e-business suite special edition: powerful solutions at affordable price
Small and midsize businesses need to deploy today’s most powerful technologies while keeping IT costs as low as possible. Oracle responds to these requirements by offering a fast, affordable, low-risk way to access the power of Oracle E-Business Suite.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition applications are easy to install, use, and maintain. Special Edition empowers companies by providing access to accurate information, delivered when and where it’s needed, for improved decision support and superior business control.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition includes these applications: Financial Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Sales Order Management, Discrete Manufacturing, Daily Business Intelligence, TeleService, TeleSales, and Field Sales. With Oracle’s modular architecture, you can start with core business processes and expand as your business grows.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition’s integrated financials architecture lets you consolidate financial management into a single system with real-time information management and on-demand reporting.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition helps you automate and streamline the complete procure-to-pay process and analyze purchase transactions to further drive continuous process improvement.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition helps you gain inventory visibility; automate internal processes; and readily collaborate with your suppliers, customers, and partners.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition provides visibility, from order promising and scheduling to shipping execution. Oracle’s order management solution provides the agility you need in order to satisfy customers.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition’s manufacturing applications give you the flexibility and functionality you need for manufacturing each of your products, driving continuous process improvement, lowering operating costs, and complying with manufacturing regulations.
Oracle E-Business Suite Special Edition provides integrated, accurate reporting that turns information into immediate knowledge, giving you instant visibility into reliable information.

Oracle partner solutions
Oracle’s extensive network of partners supports the needs of small and midsize companies. With local market knowledge and industry expertise, our partners understand the unique challenges you face and can tailor solutions for your specific requirements.
Oracle partners have also been specially trained to provide the highest quality of implementation and support, so you can achieve fast return on investment. They can provide customized solutions that deliver value to your business from day 1, as well as integration and migration services that allow you to grow your business.
Oracle’s reputation for performance, reliability, and security has made it the choice of the world’s leading companies. Small and midsize businesses can also access the power of Oracle, with low-cost solutions that fit their business needs—both now and in the future.
For more information about how to take advantage of Oracle solutions for your small or midsize business, call Oracle Malta on 21317487 or 99864544, e-mail kevin.attard@oracle.com

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