MEPs adopt landmark law on Artificial Intelligence
The European Parliament approved the Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures...
Family business in Malta - the way forward (Part 1)
Planning for succession at an early stage would safeguard the continued...
What is GovTech, and why is it so important for startups and our future?
More than that, such an innovation revolution, may not only represent a push...
The road to COP27 Series: Voluntary international cooperation to reduce emissions (‘Article 6’ of the Paris Agreement)
With all these new developments, business leaders who engage early will be best...
Why the UK’s ambitious plans for a US trade deal have been shelved
The apparent frostiness of the Biden administration swiftly led to suggestions...
[WATCH] Right to disconnect proposal to reach Cabinet 'in coming weeks'
Government ministers say no final legislation on employees’ right to...
Atlas Insurance PCC Limited appoints new managing director and CEO
Atlas Insurance has appointed Matthew von Brockdorff as Managing Director and...
The role and responsibilities of the Building and Construction Agency
The Building and Construction Agency was set up to create stability and...
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