MeDirect Bank Malta invests in modern, fun and employee-centred Head Office

MeDirect Bank has inaugurated its newly-refurbished state-of-the-art head office in Tigné Point, Sliema, following a significant investment made over the past five months in its new office environment, in line with its new brand positioning

MeDirect Bank Malta’s new entertainment area featuring billiards, table soccer, darts, as well as a gaming console with big screen
MeDirect Bank Malta’s new entertainment area featuring billiards, table soccer, darts, as well as a gaming console with big screen

The revamped offices reflect a modern, fun, fresh and functional design which complements MeDirect’s fast and agile pace. This coupled with the bank’s modern technologies, allow for a seamless experience for employees when working either from home or from the office. Apart from the office space, collaboration areas and meeting rooms, the revamped head office includes informal break-out areas, a fully-kitted kitchen area as well as an entertainment area featuring billiards, table soccer, darts, as well as a gaming console with big screen. 

MeDirect’s Malta offices house 275 employees and also include a client investment centre, which was also recently refurbished.  A desk booking system has been introduced for all, giving the facility for colleagues working in Belgium, UK, Netherlands and Turkey to book their desks when working from the Malta Head Office.

To mark this important milestone for MeDirect, an informal celebration took place which brought together members of staff, the bank’s management, a number of board directors as well as executives from the bank’s operations in other European countries. 

Arnaud Denis, Chief Executive Officer of MeDirect Group, welcomed everyone and in his address thanked all those who were involved in this project, which was spearheaded by the Group’s Chief Administration Officer, Lorraine Bonello Ghio and her team. Mr Denis also expressed words of appreciation towards everyone who contributed within the bank, as well as, DP Designs and the suppliers that made the office revamp a reality.

“Today is an important day. Relocating two floors into one, with a completely different design and look and feel – all within five months – was an impressive challenge. We take our challenges very seriously and I am very happy with the outcome: a modern, fresh, cosy, comfortable and vibrant working environment and space,” Mr Denis said.

“Many of our staff have started returning to work at our offices over the past months and I am sure they will find this new space welcoming. The office will never replace home, but it will almost make you feel like home away from home,” he told his colleagues during the event.

The MeDirect Malta team at the newly-refurbished offices
The MeDirect Malta team at the newly-refurbished offices

Mike Bussey, Chairman of MeDirect Group said: “A big well done to Arnaud and his leadership team for this achievement – one of several that this team managed very well, alongside the significant challenges that these past two-and-a-half years brought with them.”

Lorraine Bonello Ghio emphasised the fact that all staff members are now located on one floor making it easier to communicate and collaborate: “The refurbishment of this office was intended also to move away from the stereotypical image of a bank environment and move towards the concept of a fintech player, whereby the financial and technology aspects of our work meet together within a cool, vibrant and professional environment.”

Speaking about the newly-revamped offices, Adrian Vella – Head of Investment Network, said that the fresh look of the offices portrays the bank’s image and brand. “We are a young and ambitious organisation, but innovative in the way we do things. These new offices reflect this very well,” he said.

Rosalie Sammut, Front-end Developer, said that the social aspect of working in an office is very important. “We work hard and play hard! We look forward to our break time as the new office design allows us to engage more with each other and spend some time playing a game or chill out on the sofas together. These things make a huge difference as you really get to recharge during one’s break,” she said.

Dr. Jan Camilleri, Legal Senior Manager said that the layout of the new offices is intended to be used for meeting spaces. “I like the fact that everything is on an open-floor and the layout is intended to increase collaboration between teams.”

This inauguration comes at a time when MeDirect bank is continuously expanding, placing its clients at the forefront and employees in the spotlight. The new office reflects the fresh outlook to its branding and encompasses the vibrant and professional environment in which the employees continue to innovate with future launches of services and products being round the corner.

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