Gozo tourism operators point to staff shortage concerns in GTA survey

A survey has been conducted by the Gozo Tourism Association to understand better the human resources situation prevailing within the Gozitan tourism sector


During the past days the Gozo Tourism Association conducted a survey amongst its members to understand better the human resources situation prevailing within the Gozitan tourism sector.

The encouraging response to this survey from Gozitan tourism operators covered a wide range of the tourism sector on Gozo.

żrespondents covered the Accommodation sectors, Restaurants, Diving Centres. Tourist Attractions, Transport, Tour operators, DMCs, Travel Agencies, Real Estate and tourism consultancy firms.

The respondents of this survey in their majority (91%) declared that they encountered shortage of staff in their operation during the past summer. Of these 93% stated that this shortage hindered their day-to-day operation of their establishment.

The majority of the survey participants (73.6%) confirmed that staff shortage resulted in lack of service, while another group of respondents stated that they had to outsource some of their services.

Other participants also declared staff replacement was often sought from other departments within the same establishment.

When asked if they were satisfied with the level of service offered when outsourcing was sought 46% of the survey participants indicated that they were not satisfied at all. Only 15% of respondents affirmed that the outsourced services rendered to their establishment were satisfactory.

It is evident that the staff shortage is being experience across a selection of jobs.

The majority of the survey participants 74.4% declared that the prevailing shortage however seems to be in the cleaning and housekeeping staff followed by service and kitchen staff, as well as maintenance.

The Gozitan tourism operators mentioned a list of motives in this survey when they were asked what were the main reasons for this staff shortage.

Topping the list was lack of confidence in jobs in tourism, the working hours, staff poaching and the hourly rates paid.

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