GWU launches new financial service in partnership with Emoney PLC

GWU expands services offered to members


The General Workers’ Union (GWU) has announced a new financial service in partnership with Em@ney plc, providing more benefits for its members.

The service consists of a debit card system designed to make basic access to secure banking services easier and faster. Users of this debit card will enjoy convenience, flexibility, enhanced financial control, transaction processes, and various exclusive benefits tailored for GWU members.

The launch of this new service took place at a press conference addressed by GWU Secretary General Josef Bugeja, GWU Deputy Secretary General Kevin Camilleri – who oversaw this project – together with Em@ney plc CEO Germano Arnò, and Bruno Soutinho, Head of Business Development and Commercial Strategy.

Josef Bugeja said the GWU was promoting new services and evolving to meet the aspirations of its workers and members. “Over the years, we have launched various services and benefits to meet the different aspirations of our members and always give them the importance deserve. The new debit card service is innovative and unmatched by any other trade union.”

Bruno Soutinho explained in a presentation that the Em@ney debit card will be offered specifically to GWU members, to be used everywhere while providing users with a list of benefits, including rewards.

Em@ney plc CEO Germano Arnò said the debit card had been entirely developed in Malta, thanks to the collaboration with Em@ney plc, an electronic money institution operating in Malta for the past 12 years and licensed by the MFSA.

“In partnership with the GWU, Em@ney invested years of research and development to create a product with two main functions: simple and secure access to banking services, and a social redistribution system that allows users to benefit from various advantages in participating stores.”

GWU Deputy Secretary General Kevin Camilleri thanked all those involved who had helped in seeing this project materialise, expressing hope that it will be as successful as other services already offered by the union.

“A debit card that can be yours in a short time. Applications for the card can be made through a specific app called GWUPay which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.”

For more information about the GWU/em@ney debit card, one can call 2567 9000 or send an email to [email protected].

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