MeDirect Bank enhances WealthTech App, relaunches commission-free campaign

Following the successful launch of the 'Buy Commission-Free' campaign earlier this year, MeDirect Bank Malta is relaunching this offer


Following the successful launch of the “Buy Commission-Free” campaign earlier this year, MeDirect Bank Malta is relaunching this offer through which all brokerage fees are waived when purchasing securities available through the bank’s WealthTech mobile app, online platform, as well as through its investment centres, in person.

The campaign is valid until 9 December 2022.

In addition, MeDirect continued enhancing their capabilities and have launched a new functionality on its WealthTech trading platform - longer durations. This will allow clients to submit orders; to buy or sell equities and ETFs on international stock exchanges with an expiry of up to six months in the future.

Such orders will elapse after six months if the set limit price was not met in the market, unless cancelled manually. Therefore now, clients have the possibility of placing orders for such securities with the following three parameters: day order, good until cancelled as well as good until date.

Customers can choose their preferred investment from a huge selection of over 4,400 securities, including equities listed on 17 international stock exchanges, several ETFs and Mutual Funds managed by international leading fund houses, and also a selection of local and international bonds.

The MeDirect WealthTech app enables clients to have an all-in-one banking solution which gives clients full control of their finances from one single platform, allowing them to monitor and manage their day-to-day finances, savings and investments.

Ian Dingli, Head of Digital Channels and UX/UI, at MeDirect said: “We continuously strive to provide our clients with the best tools on the market to satisfy their investment needs. This is one of the many improvements that we will be delivering over the coming months. We will continue enhancing our offering in line with our brand promise of making investments simple and accessible to all.”

The Buy Commission-Free offer includes mutual fund buy orders, submitted by 9 December 2022 as well as equity, ETF and bond buy orders, also executed until 9 December 2022. Buy orders executed after the end of the promotion, will incur the fees stipulated in the tariffs and charges document, which is available on the MeDirect Malta website.

Stock exchange transaction fees, taxes on stock exchange transactions and other third-party costs will continue to apply, alongside the current fees for sell transactions.

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