Let’s tell them your job is safe but let the country go back to normal. Let the people reclaim and enjoy their freedoms


Kevin-James Fenech

Kevin is the founder and owner of JOB Search - and FENCI Consulting

I have almost come to the depressing conclusion that we will never be free again. First it was the COVID-19 virus, then the vaccine awaiting EMA approval, next ‘herd immunity’ and now it is the variants (most recent the Delta Variant).

My assumption, therefore, is that there will always be an ‘excuse’ for our beloved public health officials to continue restricting our freedoms and business operations thereby destroying confidence.

Suspiciously, I also fear that the jobs recently created during this pandemic in the public health realm, to defend and protect us against COVID-19, require a continuing justification to remain relevant. Put crudely, will they now scare us with the Delta variant so as to retain power and control and delay the process of going back to normal life?

I mean in France or the UK, for example, people don’t need to wear a face mask outside but in Malta we do and on 1 July we intend to discriminate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated.

In a post-herd immunity reality, we really need to learn to live with COVID, as we do with influenza or pneumonia. I say this because we will never eradicate COVID infections and spikes will occur especially in winter.

If we think otherwise or public health has a zero infections target, we will never get out our freedoms back and business confidence will destroyed irreparably. Why for instance is the Beer festival this summer being cancelled for the second year in a row if the majority of the population is vaccinated? Why do fully vaccinated tourists have to do multiple PCR tests? Why can’t athletes below the age of 17 do contact sports?

We will never have zero infections and this is why we need to start shifting the focus on hospitalisations and mortality rate instead of number of infections otherwise restrictions will never be lifted.

Data from the UK, indicates that deaths from influenza and pneumonia are currently killing three times as many people as COVID and next winter influenza and pneumonia are predicted to make a very strong comeback. Does this mean that Public Health England will restrict peoples’ freedoms because of a resurgent influenza and pneumonia!? No it doesn’t. The influenza vaccine will be recommended but not mandatory and people will not have the freedoms restricted just like in the past years. The same approach should be adopted by our Public Health officials when it comes to to COVID-19. So I respectfully implore and even earnestly beg, Prof. Charmaine Gauci & Co to change their mindset and recognise that the vaccine works and we can go back to normal. We need them to do this if we are to restore confidence.

Failure to do so, will mean a never ending public health saga of Shakespearian proportions which will breed uncertainty and sap away business confidence. Since I really think business people and investors expect ‘normality’ to be restored this summer and on a permanent basis.

We can’t keep playing snakes and ladders and disrespecting the science of vaccines and the inoculation of 70%-80% of the population (aka herd immunity). The population was inoculated so as to be able to claim back its freedoms and for business to be able to go back to normal.

Furthermore, we have all seen the research that Pfizer and AstraZenca are 96% effective against hospitalisation from the Delta variant on administering two does. For further information, readers may refer to Public Health England web site which is a rich source of data and information. Therefore, and respectfully, I don’t expect any one from public health to delay the lifting of restrictions because of the Delta Variant.

Most companies have lost significant revenue streams, made losses and/or cost cut to the absolute minimum, so really don’t have much more room for manoeuvre when it comes to withstanding more COVID restrictions and impositions. We need to turn over a new leaf and focus on the recovery because we believe in the science of vaccines and as a country we have decided to live with COVID-19 rather than in perpetual fear of it.

The country now needs to actively aim to get as close to normal as quickly as possible with an emphasis on ‘personal responsibility’’ rather than laws and restrictions. In short lets have less of the scaremongering and more of the confidence building. If need be let’s find an alternative job for those in public health so they stop peddling a narrative which suits their vested interests.

Let’s tell them your job is safe but let the country go back to normal. Let the people reclaim and enjoy their freedoms.

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