Strategist Kevin-James Fenech is founder and owner of

Kevin is management consultant and business advisor by profession. His focus areas are Strategy, SHRM and Recruitment. He has a passion for anything related to business and has written about the topic for over ten years in most major newspapers or journals.

If only we had our own Sajid Javid
In the absence of Sajid Javid, maybe Malta could learn from our UK...
Let’s tell them your job is safe but let the country go back to normal....
The 'Green' list
My point is that Malta is, or will be very soon, on the definitive ‘Green...
RE > Start
Herd immunity has arrived. Let’s give people their lives back and restore...
Post-pandemic boom
To achieve boom boom boom we need public health restrictions to be lifted,...
Herd immunity means herd immunity
To my mind, it is clear as day: As soon as we reach ‘herd immunity’...
A guide to royal survival
And at the end of the day, if you do your best that’s more than enough....
COVID killed Europe
COVID has wrecked social, economic and political havoc and caused untold deaths...
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