Strategist Kevin-James Fenech is founder and owner of

Kevin is management consultant and business advisor by profession. His focus areas are Strategy, SHRM and Recruitment. He has a passion for anything related to business and has written about the topic for over ten years in most major newspapers or journals.

It’s a trade-off between the doves and the hawks
The Prime Minister therefore needs a healthy internal debate to scale-up...
Covid-19 Part II
I think the solution lies in testing; we must invest in testing the entire...
Go big and fast
To my mind the government has to go ‘big and fast’; immediately....
World economy flashes red over coronavirus
What is certainly ironic, is that the Corona effect has brought in measures...
Foreign workers
What is our long-term national strategy for our workforce and economic...
Kobe Bryant
Typically, I don’t write about sports celebrities but I feel this one is...
Power is nothing without control
Recent research seems to indicate that people who master self-control tend to...
How to look for a job
You are better off applying to a small number of vacancies where there clearly...
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