Strategist Kevin-James Fenech is founder and owner of

Kevin is management consultant and business advisor by profession. His focus areas are Strategy, SHRM and Recruitment. He has a passion for anything related to business and has written about the topic for over ten years in most major newspapers or journals.

Jobs in Malta
This new reality has resulted in salary/wage inflation, importation of foreign...
We are all liars
I see it everywhere; the ubiquity of lying is frightening. People will spin...
Talent acquisition
The time and money you invest in recruitment will (should) yield in your...
The imposter
The irony of it all is that the more successful you are in your career, the...
Unfortunately, the modern leader is more likely to have narcissism, egoism and...
The gig worker
n the words of one gig worker: 'I can be the most I’ve ever been...
Malta’s first female  Prime Minister
I think a female Prime Minister will inspire a generation of women to pursue...
Starting a new job
You will almost definitely have several stakeholders to satisfy, not just your...
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