Strategist Kevin-James Fenech is founder and owner of

Kevin is management consultant and business advisor by profession. His focus areas are Strategy, SHRM and Recruitment. He has a passion for anything related to business and has written about the topic for over ten years in most major newspapers or journals.

‘Simplicity is genius’
I think we need to campaign for simplicity in the business world
Office romance
Maybe it is wiser to steer away from any grey areas and forbid any form of...
Who you know, not what you know?
Constructive criticism is a chance to learn and improve. Emotionally...
Sustainable HRM
It is time for Maltese companies to adopt Sustainable Human Resource Management...
Career opportunity: consigliere
When a young advisor breaks these unwritten rules he ceases to be a...
Experience is everything, right?
The problem with job experience is that it doesn’t reveal / explain the...
(To) Prorogue
If we create a legal framework which guarantees the prorogation of certain...
A four-day workweek
When you think about it there is a lot of ‘wastage’ in a typical...
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