19 FEBRUARY 2003

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PM’s visit to London
Jack Straw recalls his foolish days in the No movement
Saviour Balzan reporting from London

London, Foreign & Commonwealth Office - "I told the Prime Minister some of my personal history. I was in the ‘No’ movement in 1975, an advisor to the (late) Barbara Castle. With hindsight I think the British people made the correct decision in voting for Europe."
Jack Straw was addressing the press and Prime Minister Dr Eddie Fenech Adami, who is on a one-day visit to the capital. READ MORE >>

Blair meets Fenech Adami
- There are no second class but only first class citizens in EU
London, Downing Street - "There are no second class citizens but only first class citizens," British Premier Tony Blair said when asked by The Malta Financial and Business Times whether he considered Malta’s size to be a negative aspect in an enlarged Europe. "There are many safeguards against this and Malta will have a voice as other larger countries do.READ MORE >>

Mintoff booed out from university
Former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff promised he would be returning to university to deliver his message of peace, but he was sure to meet a hostile crowd. READ MORE >>

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