GO invests in cybersecurity company Cybersift

€800,000 investment allows GO to help its clients grow more securely


GO is announcing an investment of €800,000 in cyber security services company Cybersift Holdings Limited. This investment, that has the potential to increase to €1.1 million by 2024, means that GO has acquired majority shareholding in the company which complements the Group’s growing portfolio.

With a customer base spanning Malta, Italy, and the US, Cybersift is helping hundreds of companies improve their cyber security by using machine learning to provide them with advanced, self-learning tools for detecting threats.

“The synergies between Cybersift’s innovative approach to addressing emerging cyber threats and GO’s approach to security, were immediately obvious to us. This alignment made Cybersift a very attractive investment to GO as it allows us to offer  world-class products to our business clients, allowing them to continue achieving their digital growth in an even more secure environment,” said GO CEO Nikhil Patil.

The company offers cyber security services, including its own software for detecting threats, which works with any existing security tools a client has and does not require any changes to their infrastructure. It also helps automate the process of investigating alerts, thus saving time whilst increasing cost efficiency for the client.

Founded in 2017 by technologist David Vassallo and experienced digital entrepreneur Brian Zarb Adami, Cybersift established itself as a main player in the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to network intrusion detection, offering easily deployable technology with a fast return on investment.

"Over the past years, through heavy investment, we have established ourselves with the development of products that address issues that others are not handling as efficiently," said Brian Zarb Adami.

"Our business collaboration with GO led us to realise that we share the same ambition to grow both our solutions, as well as our reach. Being able to work closely with a company that not only is well established domestically, assists the growth of ventures in which it invests, but also has a diverse portfolio of businesses made this the ideal way forward for us," he added.

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