Sitting down with Aliaksei Douhin, Head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator

An interview with Aliaksei Douhin to learn more about the Jackpot Aggregator and SOFTSWISS 


1Can you provide an overview of the Jackpot Aggregator and its main functionalities?

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator is a versatile solution designed to address multiple pain points and objectives of our clients at each stage of their business journey. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, services, and our team's extensive expertise, we empower clients to run jackpot campaigns that best align with their business imperative.

Our solution enables operators to tailor exclusive offers for players based on the project scope, aligning with player preferences, enhancing engagement, and fostering player loyalty.

From the technical perspective, operators gain extensive customisation options allowing them to set up both traditional jackpots with such parameters as hit and time range and unique campaigns with distinct participation and winning terms.

It is important to mention that throughout the campaign, clients are accompanied by a dedicated manager who aids with the setup, launch and subsequent analysis of campaigns to enhance future commercial outcomes. We believe it's this wealth of experience and comprehensive support that empowers our clients to attain genuine performance growth in their projects.

Since the Jackpot Aggregator’s inception, over 70 iGaming brands have already reaped their benefits. The trend of operators initiating their own jackpots is rapidly gaining momentum. Notably, in Q3 2023, the total value of bets engaged in jackpot activities surpassed an impressive 1.5 billion euros, effectively illustrating the extensive scope of operations managed by the Jackpot Aggregator.

Operators can seamlessly integrate our solution across gaming platforms and game aggregators from various providers. Naturally, our solution is accessible to all clients of the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook, and the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator.

Therefore, the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator stands as a unique solution that empowers online casino operators and sports betting projects to expand their businesses, regardless of their platform vendor.

2.  You’ve mentioned that your clients leverage their accumulated experience to execute tailored jackpot campaigns for their projects. Could you elaborate on your general relationship with operators and what factors, you believe, drive their preference for choosing your service?

I believe one of the reasons why operators choose us is our commitment to understanding our client’s pain points and requirements. The key to this lies in our continuous collaboration with our partners because their growth and development are inherently linked to ours. We enhance our product by incorporating features that genuinely enhance our clients' businesses. To facilitate this, we have established a robust operator support team, comprising both business and technical account managers, who are actively engaged at every stage: from onboarding a casino brand to launching a jackpot campaign, and throughout the entire duration of the campaign.

We provide the flexibility for additional customisation, empowering operators to craft personalised segments and groups based on their understanding of players, to meet the specific needs and expectations of their intended audience. All these features are readily accessible within the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator.

To make the most of campaign budgets and spark player interest, the Jackpot Aggregator lets bring together various brands, even partner ones, under one exciting jackpot campaign. This is a real game-changer, giving operators a cool way to engage players without breaking the bank.

3. What types of jackpots are available through the Jackpot Aggregator, and how do they contribute to player engagement?

With the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, you get the best of both worlds: you can zoom in and work on specific player groups or gaming platforms (local campaigns), or go big by creating your own gaming network (global campaigns) or even team up with a bunch of partner online casinos.

When it comes to our array of campaigns, clear frontrunners among our offerings are as follows:

·       Time-Based Jackpots, a highly sought-after feature. This dynamic functionality empowers operators to tailor a jackpot campaign within a specified time window, during which players have the opportunity to strike the winning blow. The victor is chosen at random from within the defined campaign duration. While hourly, daily, and weekly prize draws are commonly employed, the beauty lies in the flexibility for clients to configure draws at their desired intervals.

Aliaksei Douhin speaks on the Jackpot Aggregator
Aliaksei Douhin speaks on the Jackpot Aggregator

·       Bet-Based Jackpots, a compelling series that facilitates the orchestration of jackpot campaigns within a designated bet and winnings thresholds, is known as a hit range. This means that within this range of bets or winnings, winners will be selected by RNG.

All our campaign series feature progressive wins, cash rewards, and enticing gifts. Furthermore, circling back to my earlier remarks regarding jackpot customisation, operators have the creative freedom to fashion a jackpot style tailored precisely for a specific casino's audience. This entails the application of distinct design aesthetics, identity, and a choice of mechanics ideally suited to the operator's vision. Customisation extends to specifying prize amounts and configuring filters to engage active players. This comprehensive approach culminates in crafting a truly distinctive jackpot campaign, which suits your players. 

4. Beyond the intricately crafted and precisely set jackpot campaign, what other factors can influence the degree of player engagement in the prize draw?

It's crucial to understand that we don't offer a magic pill, and achieving optimal results requires active collaboration between both parties — our team and the operator. While jackpot campaigns attract players with the allure of substantial prizes and frequent draws, the success also hinges on the operator's adept marketing. In our experience, strategies like sending player notifications about the possibility of winning big, utilising pop-ups within the casino, and incorporating information about the jackpot in the mobile game version have proven highly effective. This is especially important since a dominant number of players prefer mobile gaming. We delve into these and other aspects in thorough discussions with our clients.

Players also hold the expectation that jackpots should be uncomplicated and user-friendly. This is precisely why we extend our organisational expertise in campaign management to operators, placing significant emphasis on optimising strategies for seamless player interaction.

5. Can you share any insights on the impact of the Jackpot Aggregator on operators' revenue and profitability based on the experiences of those who have implemented it?

Our collaboration with clients is characterised by close interaction. Well before the launch of a jackpot campaign, we engage in goal-setting and strategising, determining the most effective approaches to realise these objectives. Subsequent to the execution, we conduct thorough analyses to assess campaign efficacy and impact.

Operators, in turn, assess the potency of jackpots through a range of key performance indicators, of which the primary metrics include Average Bet Count, Average Turnover, Average Bet Value, Average Revenue per User, Average Active Players, and Average Real Players.

We have recently compiled a case study in collaboration with one of our esteemed partners, LevelUp, where they have shared the compelling outcomes of their previous campaigns. Remarkably, the average count of active players surged by 40% during the jackpot campaign, almost a half! Moreover, the Average Bet Count experienced a notable rise of 30%, while the Average Turnover exhibited an impressive uptick of 37%. These noteworthy achievements are significant milestones not only for our partner but also for our burgeoning product. It is worth noting that merely a year ago, the growth percentages for these indicators stood at +10.8% and +10.3% respectively. I'm confident that we've taken a significant leap forward, fostering greater ambition not just in our own advancement but also in fulfilling our clients' objectives.


SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company supplying certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. The expert team, which has over 1,500 employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia, and Belarus.  SOFTSWISS holds a number of gaming licences and provides one-stop-shop iGaming software solutions. The company has a vast product portfolio, including the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook Platform and the Jackpot Aggregator. In 2013 SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce a Bitcoin-optimised online casino solution

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