Vivian rebrands medical and lab equipment division to MediTech

Healthcare sector increasingly pushing for automation

The MediTech team
The MediTech team

The current annual increase of 10-12% in lab requests has continued to put pressure on medical laboratories and health services both in the public as well as the private sector to invest in their equipment to ensure higher operational efficiencies and serve their patients better.

“In the light of this reality, the future of the health sector is automation through a digitally-led infrastructure that enables health specialists and personnel to reach new levels of efficiencies,” explains Melchior Pace who heads the Vivian Technical Services within the Laboratory Equipment and Medical Devices Division.

A growth in business and a drive to continue pushing the boundaries of healthcare diagnostics have led Vivian to rebrand its Laboratory Equipment and Medical Devices Division to MediTech as a separate business unit within Vivian.

Although Vivian is known as a local importer and distributor of leading pharmaceutical brands, for over 70 years, it has also been supplying and maintaining top-quality medical devices and laboratory equipment for Malta’s leading labs, both at Mater Dei Hospital as well as private hospitals.

“To date, the haematology department at Mater Dei has already achieved full automation, marking a significant milestone in this natural journey toward total lab automation. The more efficiency we reach, the better outcomes for all patients and as a result, total lab automation emerges as the next natural step in Malta’s health sector’s transformative journey,” added Mr Pace.

For over 70 years and supported by global leaders such as Roche Diagnostics and Sysmex, Vivian has been a dedicated provider of healthcare services, from point of care devices to fully automated solutions in Malta's leading public and private health labs,  delivering cutting-edge technology to ensure timely and accurate patient diagnoses.

“The rebranding of Vivian’s Laboratory Equipment and Medical Devices Division to MediTech is far from mere cosmetics. We want to show that Vivian, through this division, is a true force in the medical equipment sector and that we are geared and fully ready to secure more projects but also to bring on board more people on our team,” concluded Melchior Pace.

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