Beat the queues and apply for your police conduct certificate online

An online system run by the police will now allow anyone to apply for a conduct certificate online and receive it by post


Anyone who has had to go to the Criminal Records Office at the police headquarters in Floriana to pick-up a police conduct certificate knows that the process sometimes involves a substantial amount of time waiting in a long queue.

Police conduct certificates are a requirement for practically all government jobs, and some private sector employers request them too.

Physically going to get one from the police, however, can take a good quantity of one’s time, and might even require them to take time off work.

This issue is solved, however, by an online system run by the police which allows anyone to apply for a conduct certificate online and receive it by post.

The online system is also very convenient to Maltese citizens residing abroad who cannot go to the police station in Malta in person.

Anyone needing a certificate can apply for one on, or by downloading the Kondotti app for iOS or Android.

The process is simple. A user needs to first visit the website or download the app, then select if they have a local or foreign residence, and then login with their eID, which each Maltese citizens should have access to.

Subsequently, a user has to fill in their details in an online form, or might find the details already filled in automatically through information in the eID system.

Once this is done, all that remains is to select whether to receive the certificate via standard mail, costing 0.28c, or registered post, costing €2.28. The price of the certificate itself is €2.80, the same fee which needs to be paid if collecting the conduct certificate in person.

Once the form is submitted, the police take around one day to vet the application, after which they will notify the user that their certificate has been sent in the mail. The certificate will then be delivered within four working days.

For anyone not requiring a certificate right there and then – for instance if one is applying for a job and there are still a few days left within which the application can be sent – the system is undoubtedly convenient.

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