JobMatch 2020 aiming to facilitate Italy-Malta cross-border employment

Online platform’s goal is to facilitate workers’ mobility between Italy and Malta


This month has seen the birth of an online platform which aims to address the future needs of online recruitment between Italy and Malta.

The web platform – accessible through and – currently advertises vacancies in Malta, aiming to make it easier for prospective workers to gather all details on the job in question and to apply.

The platform advertises jobs both in Malta and Italy. It can therefore be used both for Italians wanting to working in Malta (or those already here looking to change their job), or for Maltese nationals interested in working in Italy.

Central Bank of Malta data shows that there were over 55,000 foreign nationals working in Malta in 2018, of which over 27%, or 9,000, were Italians.

The number of Italians working in Malta has in fact risen sharply since the global financial crisis. In 2008, only around 500 workers from Italy were part of the Maltese workforce.

Discussions to create the online platform started in September 2018 by the JobMatch 2020 Consortium.

This work culminated in a conference which was held last week to launch and promote the JobMatch 2020 Web Platform, with a view towards facilitating workers’ mobility between Italy and Malta.

The conference has served as a launchpad for the online platform, which is still being implemented but shows much potential and is already advertising job openings.

Using the JobMatch 2020 platform is easy. One can create an account, either as a candidate for a job, or as a business which wants to advertise an opportunity.

Each vacancy advertised includes details such as the recruiting company, salary offered, description and responsibilities, and experience and qualifications necessary. Applying for vacancies is straightforward and follows the normal processes of other employment websites.

JobMatch 2020 bills itself as ultimately aiming to support the definition of networks; the creation of a multifunctional portal aimed at matching the supply and demand of work; and the establishment of a transnational centre for consulting services, tutoring, e-couching orientation and to provide training periods in Maltese and Sicilian companies.

This will serve to facilitate the professional integration of people not in employment, education or training, disadvantaged subjects and students.

JobMatch 2020 is funded by the Interreg Italia-Malta programme, which is co-financed under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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