App will scan and accept government vouchers, send cash to business's account

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said that business owners will be able to redeem government vouchers that customers will pay with, using an electronic system

Silvio Schembri
Silvio Schembri

Business owners will be able to redeem government vouchers that customers will pay with, using an electronic system, the Economy Ministry said.

Cash from the vouchers will then be credited to a credit card account indicated by the business owner.

The new system was unveiled on Tuesday by Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, who said the €100 vouchers will start being distributed to people aged 16 and over from next week.

The vouchers form part of the government’s stimulus package for the coming three months. Four of the €20 vouchers can be spent on restaurants and accommodation, while one other €20 voucher can be spent in retail shops and services forcibly closed during the pandemic. Government will be giving more detail on how people can use the vouchers next week.

Meanwhile, business owners eligible for the scheme will receive a registered letter from the government with an activation code.

Owners will then be able to register their establishment on a dedicated website using the VAT number and the activation code.

When customers pay using the voucher, shops will be able to scan a unique QR code on the individual vouchers.

The cash equivalent of the voucher will then be transferred to a credit card account inputted by the business owner upon registration.

The app will be made available for all smart phones, and requires an internet connection.

When scanning customers’ vouchers, owners will also be obliged to scan the VAT receipt issued with the purchase to ensure that all checks and balances are adhered to, Schembri said.

MIMCOL, a government entity, will be administering the system.

“We don’t want to give business owners more headaches after what they’ve been through… the scanning of the QR code will eliminate bureaucracy,” Schembri said.

Schembri added the vouchers will be equipped with security features, including a vertical edge that will also illuminate under UV light, helping owners to determine the authenticity of the voucher.

Owners will be obliged to keep all vouchers claimed, as they will be required to submit these to MIMCOL in the coming months.

How can your business accept vouchers?

  • Visit to get your business ready to accept the vouchers. Follow the simple steps and instructions, and you will soon be set up. Your app will only accept vouchers your business is entitled to. Therefore if your business is eligible for Red Vouchers only, you will not be able to scan Blue Vouchers and vice versa. The Government letter sent to you will clearly states which vouchers your business can accept.
  • The voucher has a number of security features. To make sure that the vouchers you accept are authentic, you are required to check each voucher presented to you under a UV light. The €20 and the right hand vertical edge of the voucher, should illuminate under UV light. If a voucher does not illuminate under UV light, do not accept it.
  • Scan the QR code on every voucher with the camera of your device. The QR code should be placed close to the camera and centred in the window on your device screen. Make sure there is enough light and that you hold the mobile or tablet steadily.
  • Scan the VAT Receipt associated with that customer, using your mobile or tablet. The image of the VAT receipt will be stored at MIMCOL’s server for future auditing purposes. The value of the VAT receipt should always be greater than the total value of vouchers scanned. You will also be asked to input the value of the receipt being scanned. The system will not allow you to redeem the value of the voucher if a VAT receipt is not scanned.

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