The accounting app that makes tax time less stressful

Binderr, Malta’s first home-grown accounting app, makes accounting easy


Binderr, Malta’s first home-grown accounting app, makes accounting easy. While tax time might never really be fun, this accounting software eliminates the stress involved.

The application is the brainchild of the people who brought Bolt to Malta and created Time to Eat, Malta’s first e-commerce success.

Now, they’ve decided that it’s time to empower Maltese freelancers to take control of their finances.

“We see an opportunity in changing how accounting is done for everyone. In a world where technology is moving so fast, accounting still feels like the same old headache it always used to be,” Jacob Appel, the startup’s CEO and founder, said.

With a €1 million investment, binderr have created an accounting app that provides a seamless and personalised experience for every user.

No longer will you be a slave to your accountant’s whims and pay a fortune for the privilege. With binderr, you are in control and can derive real value from your financials.

Binderr gives you back control over your financials

Binderr turns accounting into something anyone can understand.

When it comes to business finances, nothing is more important than knowing exactly what’s going on at any given time. And nothing is more frustrating and stressful than dealing with an accountant who is slow to provide you with the information you need.

It’s understandable. Many accountants in Malta are swamped with work. So, they don’t always get to your accounts as quickly as you’d like. Certainly not fast enough for you to see the state of your finances as soon as you incur an expense or issue an invoice.

Binderr is designed to ensure that you can get an overview of your accounts at any time, including seeing upcoming (or overdue) tax returns.

With a few taps, you can access all the financial information you need about your business. Even better, it’s all up to date.

Claim the most tax possible with binderr’s team of accountants

Binderr isn’t just any app. It’s backed by a team of specialised accountants that will check your returns and make sure you claim as much tax as possible.

With the binderr team firmly on your side you never again have to wonder if you’re overpaying on your taxes.

Missing an expense can be painful, because every cent adds up when it comes to your taxes. With binderr, you snap a photo of your receipt and it is immediately allocated to your tax return making sure you claim as much as possible.

This way, paperwork will also be a headache of the past. Now everything will be organised and stored safely in the app.

Late payments

As a freelancer, you’re often a one-person show. With so many tasks to handle, it’s easy to miss those important  due dates, and we all know late payments incur penalties that can add up quickly.

With binderr, you now receive alerts and notifications of your upcoming tax deadlines and payments, so you’ll never be late again.


Binderr’s expert accountants in Malta manually review all your receipts and allocate them to the proper tax return.

Furthermore, you can ask any question you like using the in-app chat feature, and their team of accounting specialists will help.

Accounting fees

Let’s be honest. Accounting services don’t come cheap. When you also factor in the various other issues that crop up, you’ll probably discover you’re paying a lot more than you realised.

Binderr is a far more affordable option, and that’s just based on the actual price. Once you add things like being able to see the state of your finances at any time and the access to a team of specialist accountants, the value gap becomes even more significant.

Other sevices

Binderr will soon be offering their services to small businesses including management accounts, payroll, issuing of invoices and more. It won’t be long before binderr becomes your one-stop-shop for all your business finance needs.

Now, imagine what it will be like.

Filing your taxes will be a breeze. You already know how much you owe and that you’re paying as little as possible, so that dreaded envelope will no longer terrify you.

You’ll also no longer envy your peers when they brag about their great accountants.

You’ll smile and tell them about the fantastic accounting app that’s changed your life. And without paying a fortune for the privilege.

Binderr is far more affordable than accountants in Malta, even though it provides so much more.

If you’re ready to take control of your finances and discover more about how this accounting app can help you, download binderr today!

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